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360 S10 Review: Unveiling the Ultra Slim 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop


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In the not-too-distant past, the domain of automated vacuum cleaners was ruled by exorbitantly priced robot vacuums that appeared to exist exclusively in the realm of opulence. Yet, as the wheels of time rolled forward, a shift occurred—a remarkable metamorphosis that brought this futuristic technology within the reach of ordinary households. While premium alternatives still proliferate, the accessibility of sophisticated robotic vacuum solutions has decidedly enhanced.

In this review, we direct our attention to the 360 S10—a revolutionary contender that invites us to delve into the crossroads of innovation and affordability. In this analysis, we embark on a journey to unveil the capacities and potentials of the S10, evaluating whether it justifiably secures its position within the realm of reasonably priced yet exceptionally adept robotic cleaning solutions. Without further delay, let us delve into the offerings of this device.

Pros and Cons

360 S10 vacuuming

In the arena of merits, the 360 S10 radiates with its cutting-edge app control, granting you the authority to personalize and schedule with unparalleled ease. Its svelte design stands as a testament to contemporary aesthetics, adroitly navigating constricted spaces. The 360 S10 genuinely comes into its own on wooden floors, displaying immaculate cleaning performance that leaves naught to be coveted.

Nevertheless, akin to any innovation, there are domains that merit contemplation. The sporadic inclination to become ensnared may pose a trifling inconvenience, demanding occasional human intervention. Though its mopping prowess garners accolades against lighter blemishes and minuscule particles, its execution might demonstrate less uniformity against more tenacious grime; as we appraise these advantages and disadvantages, a comprehensive panorama emerges, uncovering the 360 S10 as a captivating contender in the realm of robotic cleaning solutions.

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The 360 S10 presents a powerhouse of features that redefine the realm of robotic cleaning. Boasting an impressive 3300 pa suction power, it tackles even the most stubborn debris with ease, while its extended 170-minute working time ensures comprehensive coverage. The convenience of auto-charging ensures that the unit remains ever-ready for action. 

Equipped with anti-fall sensors and obstacle avoidance technology, the 360 S10 navigates spaces with precision and care. Its intelligent navigation is empowered by a built-in Lidar system, enabling it to map and maneuver through your environment seamlessly. The advanced app control grants you unparalleled command, and the integration with voice control via Siri, Alexa, and Google Home elevates the hands-free experience. 

The 360 S10’s 3D mapping capability offers an intricate understanding of your space, bolstered by auto carpet detection and automatic boost when carpets are detected. With these cutting-edge features, the 360 S10 exemplifies a new era of smart cleaning solutions.

The App

What makes this unit stand out from the competition is the advanced app control. In the app, you can do the following: 

360 app
  • The 360 S10 creates an accurate 2d map of your home, also an even more complex 3d model with real-time cleaning paths.
  • You can create no-go zones
  • Create virtual walls
  • Set up automation and schedules
  • Adjust the cleaning modes by room
  • Set up carpeted areas
  • Adjust the water flow level when mopping and select how many passes you want in an area
  • Adjust the suction power
  • You can select a half mop half mopping where the S10 can switch between vacuuming and mopping based on the area it’s in, so it can avoid mopping in a carpeted area.
  • Check the status of consumable parts
  • And much more


360 S10 under the lid

The 360 S10 boasts a sleek and innovative design that redefines the possibilities of modern robotic cleaning. Standing at a mere 3.3 inches (8.5cm) in height, its slim profile is made possible by the integration of a built-in Lidar sensor, a departure from conventional Lidar robot vacuums. At the top of the unit, the built-in Lidar sensor takes center stage alongside user-friendly buttons for “home” and “power” functionalities. 

Delving deeper, the interior reveals a spacious 500 ml dust box accompanied by a convenient cleaning tool. The bottom of the unit mirrors that of typical robot vacuum cleaners, featuring dual main wheels, a side spinning brush, a front swivel wheel, and the central main brush for effective cleaning. Enhancing its versatility, a mop attachment complements its repertoire. 

Notably, the electronically controlled 520 ml water tank rests at the rear. With a keen focus on safety, the S10 incorporates six sets of cliff sensors, ensuring it adeptly navigates without the risk of tumbling down stairs. The 360 S10’s design harmoniously merges aesthetics with functionality, elevating it to the forefront of robotic cleaning innovation.

Usability and setup

Setting up and using the 360 S10 is a breeze, exemplifying user-friendly design at its finest. To begin, positioning the charging station in a location that the robot can easily locate is essential—consider securing it slightly to ensure seamless interaction. Assembling the unit is a straightforward process, followed by plugging it in for charging. 

The pivotal control hub lies within the app, offering comprehensive command over the robot’s functions, rendering it indispensable. Despite its advanced capabilities, the overall usability and setup of the 360 S10 remain remarkably uncomplicated, making it an accessible and intuitive addition to any home.

Cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet cleaning

The 360 S10 effortlessly excels throughout the gamut of cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet maintenance. Navigating spaces with consummate adeptness, it stands as a testament to its sophisticated design. When confronted with the task of vacuuming, the S10 showcases unwavering competence on diverse flooring surfaces, ensuring no area remains untouched.

S10 mopping

The device’s aptitude for carpet maintenance is equally impressive, smoothly adapting to varied carpet textures. However, while its mopping prowess draws commendation, it is imperative to harbor pragmatic anticipations, particularly when confronting obstinate, desiccated stains. In essence, the 360 S10 strikes a harmonious equilibrium between efficiency and practicality, delivering an all-encompassing cleaning experience that aligns harmoniously with modern requisites.

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For maintaining the optimal efficacy and reliability of the 360 S10, faithfully adhering to several pivotal steps on a regular basis is imperative. Ensuring consistent functionality entails vigilantly disentangling hair from around the brushes and monitoring the underside of the unit.

360 s10 maintenance

While the dust receptacle boasts substantial capacity, periodic evacuation is recommended to uphold pinnacle performance. For those employing the mopping function, a post-cleansing session ritual is indispensable to avert unsightly streaks on flooring surfaces. By following these guidelines, you can repose assured that your automated cleaning aide will operate seamlessly and effectively, furnishing a fluid and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Should you buy it?

On the initial release of the 360 S10, the price was higher than at present. This means you can get it for a fair price of around 450$. This is still an investment for a robot vacuum cleaner because you can find even cheaper alternatives with great cleaning performance; however, the S10, besides the excellent cleaning capabilities, has an advanced app control which is an important piece of the puzzle, not to mention that sometimes an even more expensive unit is missing this feature.

As mentioned earlier, the navigation is also great and accurate, which is another plus to this unit. Additionally, the large dustbin gives you an even more hands-free experience as you don’t need to empty it that often. If all the features mentioned above are the ones you are looking for, buying it would be a great idea.


All in all, there are not many bad things to say about the 360 S10. If you don’t quite have the budget for it, there are cheaper alternatives with not as many features and advanced app control but great performance. So if you decide to invest in this unit, it is sure you won’t regret it.

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