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Bagotte BG600 Review – Exploring the Features and Functionality


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When it comes to maintaining a pristine home without the hassle of manual cleaning, a robotic vacuum cleaner proves to be an invaluable time-saver. Among the options available in the market, the Bagotte BG600 stands out as an attractive choice for those seeking not only efficiency but also affordability. 

Positioned as an entry-level robot vacuum, this model sparks curiosity about its actual performance and whether it justifies the investment. In this comprehensive review, we embark on a journey to delve into every aspect of the Bagotte BG600 to determine its viability as a cleaning companion. Without further ado, let’s delve into the features and functionality of this robot and see if it truly lives up to expectations.

Pros and cons

Bagotte BG600 vacuuming

the Bagotte BG600 presents a mix of advantages and limitations worth considering. On the positive side, its super-thin design allows effortless navigation under furniture, making it an ideal choice for reaching tight spaces. Additionally, its affordability and budget-friendly price tag make it an attractive option for those seeking a cost-effective robotic vacuum. 

Furthermore, the BG600 operates with a hushed demeanor, ensuring a peaceful cleaning experience without disrupting the household. However, a few drawbacks should be acknowledged. The robot’s struggle with cords may pose a challenge in managing tangled wires during cleaning sessions. 

Moreover, it is not well-suited for high-pile carpets, limiting its versatility on various floor types. Lastly, the absence of app control might be a letdown for some seeking advanced features and remote management. 

Overall, the Bagotte BG600 offers a reasonable cleaning solution with its slim profile, affordability, and quiet operation, but potential buyers should be aware of its limitations regarding cord management, high-pile carpet compatibility, and lack of app control.

What’s in the box?

Bg600 in the box
  • User manual
  • Robot vacuum
  • Dusting brush
  • Extra Filter
  • Remote control
  • Charging base
  • 4 Side brushes
  • Magnetic strip


The Bagotte BG600 boasts a range of impressive features that elevate its cleaning capabilities. With a formidable 1500 pa suction power, it ensures thorough and efficient cleaning on various surfaces. Its 3-point cleaning system, comprising two side brushes and a central main brush, effectively tackles dirt and debris, leaving floors spotless. 

The robot’s long-lasting performance is another plus, offering up to 100 minutes of continuous operation. You can choose from five cleaning modes and select one that best suits your needs. Whenever the battery runs low, the robot will automatically return to its charging base to recharge.

The BG600 comes with built-in infrared anti-collision and anti-fall sensors, which ensures good navigation and that it doesn’t fall from stairs. In the box, you will find a remote control for added convenience and maneuverability. In case you want to set up no-go zones, you can do that by using the included magnetic strips to set up these zones wherever needed in your house.


The Bagotte Bg600 comes in a simple yet elegant design combining both aesthetic appeal and practicality. The fact that this unit doesn’t have a LIDAR on top makes it thinner than the average. In fact, it is one of the thinnest robot vacuum cleaners on the market. This means that it can easily fit under low furniture with a height of only 2.7 inches, or 7 cm.

Bagotte BG600 dustbox

It comes equipped with a 2600 mAh battery and a spacious 0.5l dustbin, which ensures a long cleaning session without needing assistance. Unlike other robots, the Bg600 comes with two side spinning brushes and one main central brush, which is enough for efficient cleaning.

On the top of the unit, you will find only one button making sure you won’t get confused. The dustbin is located at the back of the unit and can be removed with ease whenever you want to empty it.

However, it lacks app control, which, while a missed opportunity, does not overshadow its overall impressive design and functionality. In conclusion, the Bagotte BG600 presents a sleek and functional design, ideal for those seeking an efficient, slim, and user-friendly robotic vacuum for their cleaning needs.

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Usability and setup

The usability and setup of the Bagotte BG600 are incredibly user-friendly and straightforward, suitable for even a 5-year-old to handle with ease. Setting up the vacuum is a breeze, with minimal assembly required—just plug it in and let it charge. To ensure smooth operation, position the charging station where the robot can easily locate it, and a slight fixation of the station aids in avoiding any potential hindrances. 

If you wish to establish no-go zones, the included magnetic strips serve as a practical solution to prevent the robot from accessing undesired areas in your home. Before starting a cleaning session, you should clear the area of any low-lying objects like cables to prevent any entanglements. Apart from these simple steps, the setup process is nearly complete, making the Bagotte BG600 an effortlessly usable and convenient cleaning companion.

Cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet cleaning

The Bagotte BG600 excels in cleaning hard floors and low-pile carpets, showcasing commendable performance in these areas. While its navigation follows a random pattern rather than a precise LIDAR-guided approach, it still manages to get the job done effectively. 

The unit’s carpet cleaning capabilities shine when dealing with low-pile carpets, and it effortlessly navigates over carpets with varying height differences. In summary, the BG600 proves to be a reliable and efficient cleaning companion for hard floors and low-pile carpets, with satisfactory navigation and effective carpet-cleaning abilities.


Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the Bagotte BG600 operates efficiently and consistently delivers optimal results. Regular maintenance tasks are vital to keep the unit in top working condition. Frequent checks on the brushes are necessary to remove any tangled hair or debris, particularly from the bottom of the unit. 

Bagotte Bg600 maintenance

Although the dust box has a sizable capacity, it’s advisable to empty it regularly to prevent any negative impact on performance. Monitoring the robot vacuum and performing these maintenance tasks may require some attention, but it ultimately saves significant time in the long run, ensuring the BG600 remains a reliable and time-saving cleaning solution.

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Should you buy it?

Considering whether to purchase the Bagotte BG600 largely depends on individual needs and preferences. At its initial release, the BG600 offered an attractive option as an entry-level and efficient robot vacuum, especially with its reasonable price of around $200. 

However, with the evolving market, there are now more alternatives available, even within the same price range. For those seeking a budget-friendly robotic vacuum that can easily navigate under furniture and doesn’t require mopping functionality, the BG600 remains a viable and competitive option worth considering. It performs well in hard floor and low-pile carpet cleaning tasks. 

If you have a larger home, with many rooms and high-pile carpets, plus you are looking for more advanced features, you should consider some other alternatives. So overall, whether to buy the BG600 really depends on your home setup, your needs, and your budget. For its price, it delivers solid performance, so if everything checks out and you choose to invest in it, you won’t be disappointed.


Among the affordable options available on the market, the Bagotte BG600 presents itself as a viable option. While it doesn’t come with a mopping feature, it’s not that big of a problem as even more expensive models with basic mopping capabilities have trouble in that area and don’t do a great cleaning job. Investing in a robot vacuum cleaner will help you save time, money, and energy in the long run.

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