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As a homeowner, you’re well aware of the myriad tasks that demand your attention around the house. Luckily, the advent of robotic appliances has presented us with invaluable time-saving solutions. In our review series of robotic lawnmowers, today we delve into the world of the Bosch Indego 400. 

Specifically designed for smaller yards, this cutting-edge robotic lawn mower promises to revolutionize your lawn care routine. Join us as we take a closer look at the features and capabilities that make the Bosch Indego 400 a compelling choice for effortless and efficient lawn maintenance.

Pros and cons

The Bosch Indego 400 robotic lawn mower offers numerous pros and a few cons to consider. On the positive side, it excels in smaller or medium-sized yards, delivering a consistent cutting performance that results in a well-maintained lawn. Additionally, its quiet operation, measuring around 63 decibels, ensures minimal disturbance to you and your neighbors. 

Bosch Indego 400 design

However, it’s important to note a couple of drawbacks. The Bosch Indego 400 struggles on slopes, particularly when faced with wet grass, which may limit its effectiveness in certain terrain conditions. Furthermore, the initial setup process requires time and patience, demanding a bit of effort before reaping the benefits of this robotic mower. By weighing these pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about whether the Bosch Indego 400 is the right fit for your lawn care needs.


The Bosch Indego 400 boasts an impressive array of features designed to enhance your lawn care experience. It offers an adjustable cutting height range of 3-5mm, allowing you to achieve the desired grass length. With its auto charging capability, the mower seamlessly returns to its charging station when the battery is low, ensuring uninterrupted operation. 

The scheduling feature enables you to set specific mowing times, ensuring a well-maintained lawn without manual intervention. Additionally, the spot mowing function allows the Indego 400 to focus on specific areas that require extra attention. The mulching system efficiently cuts and finely shreds grass clippings, serving as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. 

The tilt and lift sensor ensures the mower’s blades stop spinning when lifted or tilted, prioritizing safety, but it also has collision sensors that help the robot navigate also work as a safety feature. Instead of trying to go through an obstacle, it bumps into it and changes direction. 

The pin code feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized use. Finally, the Indego 400 employs a 3-pivoting blade cutting system, optimizing cutting efficiency for a precise and even result. Overall the Bosch Indego 400 is a well-built unit, perfect for maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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The design of the Bosch Indego 400 reflects the brand’s classic color scheme, combining green and black elements for a visually appealing look. Positioned atop the unit is the control panel, allowing convenient access to various settings and functions. The cutting height adjuster offers flexibility in achieving the desired grass length. 

Bosch Indego 400 control panel

Additionally, the prominent red stop button ensures immediate and easy control over the mower’s operation. On the bottom of the unit, you’ll find the three pivoting cutting blades, which work in tandem to deliver efficient and precise cutting performance. The two main larger wheels, along with the two smaller front wheels, facilitate smooth maneuverability across the lawn. 

Indego 400 bottom view

Designed to tackle yards of up to 400 square meters, the Bosch Indego 400 offers an optimal solution for homeowners with medium-sized outdoor spaces. To ensure enhanced safety, the mower is equipped with a pin code and alarm system, providing peace of mind and preventing unauthorized use. 

Usability and setup

The usability of the Bosch Indego 400 is easy and intuitive; however, the initial setup process is a more time-consuming task. Here you have two options: install it yourself, or hire a professional for assistance. However, with some patience and attention to detail, you can do it yourself. Here’s how:

Place the docking station on a level surface, ideally in a shaded area near a power supply. Fix the boundary wires around the perimeter of the lawn, but make sure they are fixed well to the ground to prevent tripping over them or accidentally cutting them. Before the first run, make sure to clear the mowing area by removing any low objects or potential obstacles.

After the first run of the mower, you’ll be able to see where it has some difficulties. Fixing it is easy; all you have to do is simply adjust the perimeter wires and reposition them as needed. As the grass grows, the wires will become pretty much invisible, but you have the option to bury them no deeper than 5mm under the ground. Although, for testing purposes, we would recommend keeping them on the surface. If you follow these steps, you will have no trouble setting up the device yourself.


Maintaining the Bosch Indego 400 is a straightforward process that demands minimal time and effort. Regular maintenance tasks uphold optimal performance and prolong the mower’s lifespan. It is important to periodically inspect the cutting blades, cleaning and replacing them as required. Additionally, after periods of rainfall or when dirt and mud accumulate, it is recommended to cleanse the wheels to avert any obstructions meticulously.

Indego 400 pivoting blades

The underside of the mower can be rinsed with water, while the exterior can be washed using a garden hose. During the winter season, it is advisable to store the mower in a dry location rather than leaving it exposed to extreme temperatures. By adhering to these simple maintenance steps, you can preserve your Bosch Indego 400 in excellent condition and relish its dependable performance for years to come.

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Should you buy it?

When contemplating whether to buy the Bosch Indego 400 robotic lawn mower, it is crucial to evaluate your specific needs and yard specifications. Investing in a robot lawn mower can yield substantial long-term benefits, saving you time, money, and energy. If your yard does not exceed an area of 400 square meters and lacks significant slopes, the Bosch Indego 400 stands as a remarkable investment.

Indego 400 mowing

Nevertheless, for larger yards or those characterized by substantial slopes, it may be necessary to check out alternative models better suited to such conditions. It is advisable to compare various options, considering both features and price, in order to discover the most suitable fit for your needs.

Despite certain limitations, the Bosch Indego 400 remains an unwavering unit that effectively upholds the condition of your lawn and affords considerable time savings. Ultimately, the decision of whether to acquire the Bosch Indego 400 hinges upon the size and topography of your yard and, of course, your budget.


So, do you need a robot lawn mower? Absolutely! Once you immerse yourself in the convenience and efficiency they provide, you will grasp the profound significance of these robotic aides. While the price of the Indego 400 may not be the most economical within its category, it consistently delivers impressive and unwavering results, effectively tending to the condition of your lawn.

By properly configuring the boundary wires and making necessary adjustments following the initial run, performing regular maintenance, and storing the unit suitably during the winter season, you can savor the advantages of a reliable robot lawn mower for years to come. The Bosch Indego 400 proves itself to be a valuable investment, streamlining your lawn care routine and preserving your outdoor space in an optimal state.

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