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Dolphin active 30 review – an efficient way of keeping your pool clean all year long


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The Dolphin active 30 is a robotic pool cleaner designed for in-ground pools. Let’s take a closer look at its features and capabilities and see if it’s the right unit for you.

Introducing the Dolphin active 30 robotic pool cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin active 30

As technology is advancing at a fast pace, we have more and more options for selecting our desired robotic pool cleaner. However, it is difficult to decide which unit is the right one for you. If you have heard about the Dolphin active 30 pool cleaner and don’t know what lies in this smart little device, this review is for you. We did the hard part, and your only job is to read our review, so you will not have any questions unanswered.

If you want to keep your pool clean and clear from the palm of your hand, then the Dolphin Active 30 is for you. With the Always Connected cleaner, you can make your pool a pristine paradise from any location at any moment. Let this robot take care of all the work while you sit back and relax! Without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at this cleaning machine.

Pros and Cons

In terms of a robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Active 30 makes a great choice. With easy-to-follow instructions and minimal assembly required, it is simple to operate and provides an efficient job of keeping your pool clean and clear with minimum effort on your part. Moreover, this model also has the added convenience of a weekly scheduler. However, its price tag of approximately 1500$ might be considered rather steep, which is a pretty big downside. Furthermore, as this item is not sold on Amazon, you will have to purchase it via Maytronics or through a local store.

The features of the Dolphin active 30

  • Weekly scheduler
  • Super scrub
  • Waterline Scrubbing
  • CleverClean technology
  • Energy saver
  • Plug-and-play design

The Dolphin Active 30 robotic pool cleaner is an efficient and feature-filled option for keeping pools sparkling clean. With its weekly scheduler, you can easily customize the cleaning schedule to fit your individual preferences – a great time-saver! Plus, the intense scrubbing power ensures that your pool’s surfaces get a thorough cleaning each time. The efficient vertical surface scrubbing capability is perfect for getting that sparkling water line without requiring you to do additional arduous scrubbing. All in all, the Dolphin Active 30 is a highly recommended pool cleaner for those needing an automated solution for their pools.

Dolphin active 30 waterline scrubbing

This innovative device uses advanced CleverClean technology with smart scanning and navigation to give you complete coverage of your pool. With the Dolphin active 30 pool cleaner, you don’t have to worry about wasting time and energy on setting up special equipment. Just plug it in and place it in the pool; you’re done! Not only does this make for convenient pool cleaning, but it also reduces water, chemical, and energy usage with every cycle. Stop spending hours worrying about big cleanup jobs. The Dolphin active 30 is here to take the hassle out of cleaning your pool so you can enjoy more summer days!

Usability and setup

Dolphin active 30 no setup

The Dolphin Active 30 robotic pool cleaner is designed to be extremely user-friendly and with a minimal setup. You can literally plug it in and start using it right away; basically, no assembly is required. The simple-to-use device does not require much maintenance either; it takes just a few minutes every once in a while to make sure everything is running smoothly. All these features make the usability and setup of this Dolphin cleaner an incredibly attractive feature, as it provides convenience, simplicity, and quick results that are sure to keep your pool well maintained at all times.


Maintaining your Dolphin active 30 robotic pool cleaner can help ensure that it continues to operate effectively and efficiently. Here are some steps you can follow to maintain your unit:

Dolphin active 30 maintenance
  • Clean the filter: To clean the fine filter, simply rinse it under a tap or hose. To clean the cartridge filter, remove it from the cleaner and rinse it with a hose or tap water.
  • Empty the debris basket: The Dolphin active 30 has a large debris basket that collects dirt and debris as it cleans the pool. You should regularly check and empty the basket to prevent it from becoming too full and impacting the cleaner’s suction power.
  • Clean the brushes: The unit has brushes that help scrub the walls and floor of the pool to remove dirt and debris. You should periodically clean these brushes to remove any accumulated dirt or debris.
  • Check the cables and power supply: Ensure that the cables and power supply are in good condition and functioning properly. If you notice any fraying or damage, you should replace the cables to prevent any accidents or malfunctions.
  • Store the cleaner properly: When not in use, it is important to store the active 30 pool cleaner in a dry and safe place to prevent damage. Make sure to dry the cleaner thoroughly before storing it to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your Dolphin active 30 robotic pool cleaner continues to operate effectively and efficiently. It is also a good idea to refer to the user manual for specific maintenance instructions and guidelines.


Dolphin active 30 caddy

The Dolphin Active 30 robotic pool cleaner is engineered with ease of use in mind. Its lightweight design and extended cable length of up to 60ft make it suitable for cleaning pools measuring up to 50ft in length, regardless of shape. The unit comes with a caddy and an ultra-fine filter kit making it easy to store and maintain peak performance. It boasts the highest efficiency, cleaning your pool floor, walls, and waterline in one swift swoop so you can save time while ensuring your pool is sparklingly clean.

Should you buy the Dolphin active 30?

Dolphin active 30 under water

Making the decision to purchase the Dolphin Active 30 robotic pool cleaner should ultimately come down to your individual needs and budget. All of the features offered by this device are great; however, if it does not fit your particular pool situation (such as if you have an above-ground pool), then there’s no sense in investing in it.

Reading this review is a great way to get an idea of what you can expect from this product, but it’s still important to compare prices with similar robot pool cleaners that provide similar features to get the best deal. In the end, deciding whether or not to invest in this specific unit is really depending on your specific needs and budget, but don’t forget to research to avoid a potential mistake. If you do decide to invest in the Maytronics active 30, you will surely be happy with your purchase as it offers many great features.


How does the Dolphin active 30 move around and scan the pool?

  • The unit uses the CleverClean scanning algorithm to navigate the pool. It is programmed to clean the pool floor areas, walls, and waterline. It is advised to place the robot in the middle of the longest length of your pool, ensuring that it reaches all the points in the pool.

Will it use the same path to clean the pool?

  • Yes, it will, thanks to its advanced cleaning technology. In case you want less frequented areas, you can simply place your Dolphin on another side of the pool. As an important note: for maximum efficiency, the recommended location to start is in the middle of the longest wall of your pool.

Where can I purchase the Dolphin active 30?

  • You can purchase the Dolphin active 30 from any of Dolphin’s online stores or from a local retailer.

How often should I clean the filters?

  • It is recommended to clean it after every cleaning cycle; otherwise, it can get clogged up and may need to be replaced sooner than necessary.

Is it capable of cleaning stairs?

active 30 cleaning stairs
  • The dolphin active 30 was not designed to clean stairs, benches, and tanning ledges. However, there is a way for the Dolphin to clean the stairs. To successfully do so, your Dolphin active 30 needs enough space to fit on them completely as well as a deep water level.


The Dolphin Active 30 is an excellent robotic pool cleaner that provides plenty of bang for your buck. Its silent operation and ease of use make it particularly attractive to anyone with a swimming pool which is searching for a dependable and efficient cleaner. The easy-to-use control panel makes it straightforward to adjust settings, while its strong suction power lets you get the job done quickly with minimal effort required. One of the highlights is its ability to clean all pool surfaces, so it can keep your water sparkling no matter what material your swimming pool has. All things considered, the Dolphin Active 30 proves to be an exceptional product that will deliver excellent cleaning results.

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