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The Dolphin Premiere is a well-sold robot pool cleaner, and that is for a reason. Let’s find out what makes this unit more successful than others in the market and why it is such a high-rated gadget.

Introducing the Dolphin Premier

In the past, when the first robot cleaners were invented, driven by power-hungry ac motors, they burned a lot of power, costing pool owners hundreds of dollars yearly. Today these still exist, and people still use them. The idea behind the Premiere was to get more from less. Its efficiency does not compromise power. The engineers gave it powerful motors providing a powerful suction force. This allows the Premier to dislodge dirt debris, biofilm, and other contaminants. Anyone can replace any part of it in minutes, minimizing downtime. Additionally, it uses much less energy than conventional pool cleaners, costing you only cents to clean your entire pool.

Premier Dolphin

When it comes to robot pool cleaners, the Premier is one of the best models that received many positive reviews from users all around the world. It has one of the best filtration systems today. Suppose you are wondering why the answer is simple. It comes with four different kinds of filter media for different cleaning jobs. It has a reasonable price compared to other pool cleaners that will certainly be an excellent investment for any pool owner.

Pros and cons

The Dolphin premier comes with many pros but as always we count the cons as well. It is really easy to use right out of the box. One big pro to this unit is that it has multiple filter options for an optimal cleaning experience. Its anti-tangle swivel cable allows the Dolphin to move around with ease, and for your convenience, it has a full filter indicator to ease your life. 

On the downside, it doesn’t come with wifi connectivity and unfortunately, it doesn’t have a caddy included. Regarding the Dolphin Premier’s price, it is not cheap, but it has a fairly average price for high-quality robot pool cleaners. If you want to invest in an advanced model, it will surely be over 1000$.

The features of the Dolphin Premier robot pool cleaner

  • Smart control with an automatic weekly timer, full media indicator light, and an optimal remote.
  • Smart Navigation for highly optimized scanning and coverage ( floor, wall, and water line)
  • Tangle-free Swivel
  • Ultra-efficient twin DC motors
  • Waterline scrubbing
  • Multiple filter options
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dual scrubbing brushes

An easy solution for keeping your pool clean!

The Dolphin Premier robot pool cleaner is an incredibly easy-to-use, plug-and-play in-ground robotic pool cleaner ideal for pools up to 50 feet in length. It features a range of advanced algorithms that allow it to provide complete coverage of your entire pool, and its powerful dual scrubbing brushes are specially designed to tackle tough dirt and debris. Additionally, the anti-tangle patented swivel cable ensures that the Dolphin moves around your pool effortlessly while giving you a clean waterline, walls, and floors in just three hours. 

Premier waterline scrubbing

Multiple filtering options for your convenience.

It is designed to be both powerful and convenient. Featuring multiple filter options, this robotic pool cleaner ensures optimal cleaning every time. With three filter options to choose from, including bottom-load fine cartridge filters, ultra-fine cartridge filters, and an oversized fine filter bag, the Premier is able to effectively remove larger debris.

premier filtering

Additionally, it features a weekly scheduler so that you can easily customize your cleaning schedule according to your needs and preferences. The full filter indicator on the Premier lets you know when it’s time to clean your filter for maximum efficiency. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate automated pool maintenance or want an effective way to keep your pool sparkling clean all season long, the Dolphin Premier robot pool cleaner has precisely what you need.

More power, less energy.

Dual DC motors

Dual 24-volt DC motors power a thorough scrubbing action, ensuring that every inch of the surface is covered and clean. In addition, this innovative robotic cleaner operates on 90% less energy than traditional pressure or suction cleaners, making it much more efficient and eco-friendly. What’s more, the Smart Nav software included in the Dolphin Premier enables highly optimized scanning and coverage across all surfaces, floor, wall, tile/waterline, and pool floor. With its advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technologies, this dynamic robot offers a completely comprehensive cleaning for your pool.

User reviews and experiences

Dolphin Premier Cleaning

While positive reviews dominate the negative ones, there are certainly cases when people aren’t pleased with the performance or quality of the product. Only on Amazon, there are more than 2200 reviews about the Premier, with an overall score of 4.5 out of 5. This clearly shows that it is a high-quality unit with excellent performance. It received high ratings for features such as its suction power and ease of use. The remote control feature got both good and bad reviews. Overall, most people using the Dolphin Premier recommend it, saying that it does a great job, is easy to use, and is a good investment.

After seeing the good let’s take a look at the bad. Some users submitted that the unit got stuck on the pool’s deep end. Other users said that the filter indicator wasn’t working correctly. Some people were pleased with the performance of the Dolphin Premier, although they noted that the navigation could be better because it missed some spots in the pool.

Summarizing the user experiences of the Premier, it is safe to say that you will be satisfied with this product if you choose to buy it. It is a reliable and efficient pool cleaner that is capable of dealing even with pools that have issues with many leaves.

Common questions

Does the Premier clean the seating ledge and steps?

  • It tries to climb steps, so you have to give it points for that, but there is really no cleaner that will clean steps. Your best bet is to sweep your steps before putting them in the pool.
Premier cleaning steps

How long does it take to clean the pool?

  • It depends on your pool size and how dirty it is. Generally, the 3-hour program will be enough for thorough cleaning.

Does it climb clean walls?

  • Yes, it does.

Does the Dolphin Premier work on above-ground pools as well?

  • It is meant to be used for inground pools only. You can find different models designed for above-ground pools.

Which of the three filter types should I use if I have both large and small debris, dirt, and algae?

  • Start removing your large particles and debris, then work back to the fine and ultra-fine. Use the standard cleaner for everyday cleaning, and get out the leaf bag for all the large debris that may fall into your pool. Use ultra-fine cartridge filters to get the super-small debris.


Premier Design

The design of the Dolphin Premier robot pool cleaner is modern yet similar to other robot pool cleaners on the market. The sleek, streamlined design is not only attractive, but it helps the Premier to efficiently and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas of any pool. Equipped with dual scrubbing brushes, the unit quickly picks up dirt and debris from even the most stubborn corners.

One of its most impressive features is its multiple filtering options. The available filters help keep your pool water clear and sparkling clean with minimal maintenance. What’s more, unlike many robot pool cleaners requiring you to access the filter from above, you can remove the filter from below on the Dolphin Premier. While anti-tangle swivel cable technology has become pretty much standard in robot pool cleaners today, it is great that the Premier also has this feature.

Despite all of these great features, however, a few small negatives should also be noted. Unfortunately, it does lack an onboard caddy for easy transportation and storage. Also, it is not compatible with an app, but it offers a remote control for manual control. Nevertheless, these minor shortcomings do not significantly detract from an overall excellent product in terms of both construction and performance.


premier maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance of the Dolphin Premier robot pool cleaner, the good thing is that it requires minimal effort on your part. For example, the unit features filters that can be easily cleaned, so you never have to spend hours scrubbing or vacuuming. Additionally, this robot has sensors that will alert you when its filters are full, making it simple to stay on top of essential cleaning tasks.

Another important aspect of maintaining a Dolphin Premier is storing and handling your unit properly. If you can follow these simple steps and take good care of your robot pool cleaner, then it is sure to serve you well for many years to come. After all, with its advanced technologies and convenient features, this product really is a cut above the rest!

Should you get the Dolphin Premier?

Dolphin Premier underwater

This unit is a well-built, efficient robot cleaner suitable for anyone looking for a convenient way of keeping their pool clean and clear. Whether you should get the Dolphin Premier depends on your needs, pool size, and budget. If your pool is near trees and you have trouble with leaves filling your pool, you should definitely consider the Premier. If you want to control your pool cleaner via the mobile app, you should check out Dolphin Sigma. It is a bit pricier, but it has excellent features as well. 

With its three-year warranty, you can feel safe that if any problems may occur, the Maytronics team will handle the issue. Because it saves you time, money, and energy, it’s undoubtedly a good investment, especially if you think long-term. Save the time you would otherwise spend cleaning your pool by yourself and do something more meaningful or productive.


Dolphin Premier waterline cleaning

When it comes to keeping your pool clean and clear, the Dolphin Premier robot pool cleaner is one of the most effective options available. This high-tech device uses cutting-edge technology to scrub and vacuum your entire pool. With many satisfied customers, it is safe to say that the Dolphin Premier is an excellent investment for those who want their pools to stay looking their best. Before you invest in this pool cleaner,  you should definitely check out other models (such as the Dolphin Sigma, Nautilus CC plus, the m600, or others), features, and specs to make an informed decision that best suits your needs and your pool.

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