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Today, we will closely examine the renowned Dreame D9 Max robot vacuum cleaner. We aim to provide you with a profound understanding of this great cleaning device by delving into its expansive features, usability, setup process, design, and more. Whether looking for an intelligent and efficient solution to maintain immaculate cleanliness in your home or are pursuing an economical cleaning alternative, the Dreame D9 Max endeavors to fulfill your needs. Join us on this captivating expedition as we unearth the concealed treasures offered by this innovative cleaning marvel!

Pros and cons

The Dreame D9 Max bestows a plethora of advantages upon its users. Its versatile 2-in-1 functionality seamlessly integrates vacuuming and mopping capabilities, ensuring effective cleansing of both dust and spills. The spacious 570 ml dust bin provides a large capacity to accommodate extensive cleaning sessions.

D9 max under furniture

Moreover, the robot’s advanced multi-level mapping feature empowers you to employ the device across various floors. Additionally, the Dreame D9 Max presents a cost-effective option, granting access to a wide spectrum of users.

However, certain drawbacks warrant consideration. Regular maintenance is necessary, as the robot lacks an auto-empty feature. The mopping function could be improved, as rotating mops have proven to deliver superior results based on our experience, particularly against stubborn stains, but at a higher price. Additionally, the robot’s shiny surface tends to display fingerprints, necessitating occasional cleaning for a pristine appearance.

What’s in the box?

Dreame D9 Max out of the box
  • User manual
  • Charging station
  • Power cable
  • Dreame Bot D9 Max
  • Side spinning brush
  • Mop attachment


The Dreame D9 Max stands out from the crowd with its impressive repertoire of features, designed to take its cleaning performance to new heights. Armed with an unparalleled suction power of 4,000Pa, courtesy of the remarkable Nidec brushless motor and streamlined air duct design, this robotic vacuum effortlessly tackles even the most stubborn dirt and debris. What sets it apart is the ability to adjust suction levels, providing the flexibility to cater to diverse cleaning needs.

Dreame D9 max cleaning

Unveiling its intelligence, the Dreame D9 Max astutely detects carpets and automatically boosts its suction power, seamlessly transitioning between different floor surfaces while gracefully avoiding obstacles. Thanks to its cutting-edge 360° scanning laser navigation technology, it diligently maps your living space during its first cleaning cycle, ensuring a meticulous and methodical approach to every nook and cranny.

If it’s low on battery, the D9 Max autonomously returns to its charging dock to replenish its power, only to resume cleaning precisely from where it left off. Equipped with the prowess to surmount 20mm barriers and armed with high-precision smart sensors, it excels in anti-collision and anti-fall protection while maintaining unwavering vigilance of its surroundings.

Adding to its allure, the D9 Max seamlessly integrates with voice control, empowering users to command their cleaning tasks with a mere utterance effortlessly. Its advanced radar recognition device accurately identifies obstacles and selects the most optimal route for efficient cleaning.


The Dreame D9 Max exhibits a sleek and stylish design with its glossy black exterior, but you can also find it in white. While it shares a resemblance to other robotic vacuum models in terms of design, it manages to exude elegance and seamlessly integrates into any home decor. The build quality is commendable, as the robot is constructed with durable and high-quality plastics.

Dreame D9 max design

At the top of the robot, you will find the LiDAR sensor, along with two convenient quick-access buttons for initiating or terminating the robot’s operation and sending it back to its charging dock.

Lifting the cover reveals the capacious 570ml container for dust and a compact cleansing brush for maintenance purposes. The compact charging station requires minimal space, allowing discreet placement within your abode when not in operation.

D90 max bottom view

The D9 Max arrives with a 270ml water reservoir and offers three levels of water flow, ensuring thorough mopping capabilities. Its high-capacity 5200mAh battery provides an extended runtime of 150 minutes, enabling coverage of up to 2690 square feet on a single charge, allowing for lengthier cleaning sessions without interruption.

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Usability and setup

The usability and setup process of the Dreame D9 Max is straightforward and user-friendly. Setting up the robot is swift and uncomplicated, as you simply need to follow the instructions provided in the user manual, assemble the robot itself, and position the charging station in a convenient location.

To fully customize the robot to suit your cleaning requirements, you can download the app on your smartphone. You have the option to either scan the QR code or manually search for the Xiaomi Home app. Once the robot setup is complete, initiating the pairing process is effortless, guided by intuitive on-screen instructions.

D9 max app

Upon the robot’s initial activation, it diligently scans your home. Through the app, you gain access to valuable information such as running time, cleaning area, battery status, and a live map display. But these are not the only things you can do with the app. You can also manage the map, create virtual barriers, and add no-go and no-mop zones where mopping is not necessary, such as carpets and rugs.

Additionally, the app lets you adjust the suction power and water flow level when using the mop function. Furthermore, if you want the robot to operate when you aren’t home or at specific time frames, you can easily schedule it after your preferences.


While the Dreame D9 Max faithfully cleans your home, it requires some attention on your part, especially if you want the robot to serve you for a long time. After a cleaning session where you use the mopping function, it is important to clean the mopping pads to prevent streaks on your floors. To clean it, you only need to rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry before the next use.

You should replace the mopping pads every 3-6 months, depending on usage. Check and clean the main brush, and remove any tangled hair with that small tool you can find under the lid. Check the wheels, and clean them as well if you find any dirt or tangled hair, and of course, clean the spinning side brush if needed. 

D9 max dust box

And last but not least, you need to empty its dustbin regularly and fill the water tank if needed. If you follow these steps, you can ensure that your robot vacuum works in proper conditions for years to come.

Should you buy it?

The Dreame bot D9 Max is a great investment if you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping feature. It performs great on carpets and hard floors. Choosing the D9 as your new robot cleaning solution will not leave you disappointed. Overall it is a well-designed robot vacuum that delivers great results.

While the mopping performance of the Dreame D9 Max is good, it is not the best against tougher stains. If you want something that offers you a more hands-free experience and you have a bigger budget, it may be worth considering a more advanced model such as the Shark Ai Ultra, the Dreame bot W10, or the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni.

These robot vacuums offer more convenient features if you want something more advanced. Ultimately, whether you buy the Dreame D9 Max depends on your needs and preferences and your budget.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the D9 Max offers great performance at an affordable price point, so investing in it is a great idea. Many robot vacuums offer similar features and performance at this price, but choosing the D9 Max won’t be a mistake. The suction power really stands out about this robot, plus it comes with that big dust box, so if you live in a bigger home, the robot can still manage it well.

Besides the few cons mentioned above (that are not deal breakers to us), one thing that we didn’t like about the D9 max is that they didn’t include extra parts such as an extra mopping pad or a spare spinning brush, which would have been a nice addition to this great robot vacuum.

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