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How to reset Roborock s6


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Although robot vacuums are often very helpful, there are moments when you need to reset them to get them working again. The issue could be resolved by restarting the unit, or it might be something more serious that will require professional help. However, before calling for assistance, you can try to reset your robot

Soft and factory reset

Resetting your Roborock S6 can be a useful way to troubleshoot common issues or restore your device to its original settings. There are two types of reset: a soft reset and a factory reset. A soft reset is often used when there’s a minor bug or issue, but your data will remain untouched. On the other hand, a factory reset will delete all of your settings, making it ideal if you’re looking to sell the device or give it away. It’s important to remember that any custom cleaning options you have set up – such as specific no-go zones – will be lost when you perform a factory reset; this means you’ll need to go through the setup process again afterward.

Resetting your Roborock S6 manually

Soft resetting your Roborock S6 is a simple process that can help troubleshoot minor issues or bugs with the device. The reset button is located underneath the top cover of the robotic vacuum and accessible with something as small as a pin. To reset, begin by powering on the vacuuming and lifting the top cover, then press the reset button. With this reset method, users don’t have to worry about losing any stored data. Resetting your Roborock S6 can help restore functions without having to go through the more complex steps required for a factory reset method.

reset roborock s6

If the soft reset doesn’t solve your issue, you should try to factory reset your Roborock S6. First, hold the recharge button for 3-5 seconds. Then, use a pin to press the reset button next to wifi LED just once until the power button, recharge button, and spot cleaning button’s lights turn off. Keep holding the recharge button for about five more seconds until you hear a tone restore, and then you can remove your finger. Once reset, your Roborock s6 will be disconnected from WiFi so remember to reconnect it again. Additionally, this method will reset its firmware to the first one, so it’s important to check for updates afterward.

In moments of frustration when a Roborock s6 seems to be malfunctioning, resetting the device can often save your day. Resetting your Roborock s6 only takes a few minutes and could solve the problem quickly and painlessly. This is usually the first step you should consider taking when confronting minor bugs or issues. If resetting proves unsuccessful, then it is best to contact customer support for further advice.

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