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How to reboot or reset Roomba i3


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With the increased convenience of robotic vacuums, resetting your robot vacuum may become necessary at some point in order to combat any minor issues encountered with the device. Resetting is a simple process that can help return your vacuum to its regular functioning, so you don’t have to compromise on the performance of your device. 

It’s important to note, though, that two types of resets are available for your robot vacuum; simple reset and factory reset. Despite their similarities, the difference between the two lies in their ability to preserve data and settings from previous uses – while a simple reboot or reset will let you keep everything, factory resets delete all stored info entirely. Today we will learn how to reset Roomba i3 for minor issues.

Reset your Roomba i3 manually

Since automated vacuums are becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to know how to reset your vacuum properly when necessary. Oftentimes, a good reset can clear up many complex issues. For instance, if you’re experiencing anxiety over an unresponsive Roomba i3, all you need to do is press and hold the Clean button for 20 seconds; when the button is released, you’ll know your reset has been successfully determined by the light ring swirling clockwise in white. This straightforward process should reset your Roomba i3 in a short time.

reset Roomba i3

Note that this may take up to 90 seconds for your robot to restart properly – so don’t worry if you don’t see results instantly! In any case, bear in mind that successfully completing a reset won’t delete any of your settings or customization preferences. So with a little effort and patience, you should soon have your trusty robotic companion back up and running again! This is how simple it is to reset your Roomba i3.

Why does your Roomba i3 take a long time to turn on?

Turning on your Roomba i3 may take a while, but that is because the device is booting up a lot of technology. Just like your laptop or smartphone, the robot needs to check its memory and access all the features built into it. As soon as you place it onto its Home Base/Clean Base, its light ring will swirl white clockwise, and you’ll hear a short tone to indicate that it has successfully loaded all of its data. Please be patient while your Roomba i3 powers up – it’s busy loading everything it needs for an efficient clean! The whole process will only take around one and a half minutes.

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