how to reset shark ion robot

How to reset Shark Ion robot


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Resetting your robot vacuum can sometimes be the best solution when a minor issue arises. And depending on how bold you want to be, there are two different types of resetting available you can choose from a soft reset or a factory reset. When opting to perform a factory reset, it’s important to remember that you will be wiping out your data and settings in the process.

That being said, how do you know how to properly reset your Shark Ion robot r75? It is critical that specific instructions are followed when working on any product within the robotic family. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s function list for details about a soft or factory reset so that it is done correctly and safely.

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Resetting your Shark Ion robot vacuum R75

Resetting your Shark Ion robot is relatively straightforward. The first and official way to do this is via the mobile app. It’s important to note, however, that performing a reset in this manner will delete all of its cloud data, plus Wi-Fi passwords, time zones, schedules, map data, language selections, and any third-party device connections.

Before pressing ahead with the reset, it’s necessary that your robot vacuum is connected to the mobile app. Go to Settings and select the ‘Factory Reset’ option before confirming. Once you do so, you will receive a success notification indicating that everything is done and your robot vacuum has been reset. Alternatively, for those without access to the mobile app, it is possible to manually reset a Shark ION robot.

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Resetting your Shark Ion Robot manually can be a great way to resolve any connection errors or even just for troubleshooting. Unlike if the reset is done through the mobile app, a manual reset preserves some data, such as account login details, cloud data, and local app data. To manually reset your machine, you must press the power switch for 10 seconds to activate the factory reset process. After this is done, you will not have to re-enter your login information; all of that information is still saved! Once completed, try connecting your robot again to regain access to all of its features!

And that’s all there is to it; now you know how to reset Shark Ion robot vacuum.

If you have trouble setting up your unit, check out this video.

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