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Midea i5C Review Exploring the Versatile 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop


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We live in a fast world where the majority of people don’t have much time, so many of us are looking for ways of saving some extra time to do the things we love. Getting a robot vacuum cleaner can accomplish this job. The Midea i5C is an affordable unit and more like an entry-level robot, but let’s see what it offers.

Pros and cons

The Midea i5C offers several advantages, including its versatile 2-in-1 functionality as a vacuum and mop, making it a convenient cleaning solution. It is also considered affordable and features app control for added convenience. With its slim design, it can effortlessly reach under furniture, measuring just 83mm.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The mopping performance of the Midea i5C could be improved. Additionally, the carpet cleaning capability, especially on high-pile carpets, is pretty weak.

What’s in the box?

midea i5c in the box
  • Charging station
  • User Manual
  • Power cable
  • Mopping module
  • An extra microfiber cloth
  • Remote control
  • An extra HEPA filter
  • Two extra spinning brushes
  • Batteries for the remote control


The Midea I5C offers a range of impressive features that enhance its cleaning capabilities. With a powerful suction power of 4000 Pa, it does a great cleaning job on hard surfaces. The convenience of app control and voice control allows you to effortlessly operate the device from your smartphone or through voice commands. 

Its auto-charging feature ensures that the device returns to its charging dock when the battery is low. Equipped with cliff sensors, it intelligently avoids falls and navigates around stairs. The built-in gyroscope navigation system enables efficient cleaning by mapping out cleaned areas and determining the optimal path for further cleaning. 

Additionally, the I5C offers spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and Zigzag cleaning modes to cater to specific cleaning needs. With a working time of up to 160 minutes, it can effectively clean larger areas before requiring a recharge. Plus, it comes with a remote control in case you want it to control manually.


Midea i5c design

The Midea i5C boasts a sleek and functional design, available in both white and black color options. Its standard round shape ensures a compact footprint, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any home decor. With a height of only 83mm, it effortlessly slips under furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas. The top of the unit features a Wi-fi network connection indicator and a convenient power button for easy control. 

Opening the lid reveals a dust box and a practical cutting/brushing tool for maintenance purposes. Positioned at the back of the unit, the electronically controlled 450 ml water tank provides efficient mopping capabilities. On the bottom, users will find a removable central brush, side spinning brushes, three anti-fall sensors, a front swivel wheel, a mopping module, and the main wheels. 

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Usability and setup

The Midea i5C offers effortless usability and a simple setup process. Following the instructions in the user manual, assembling the robot and placing the charging station is a breeze. Once plugged in, you can initiate the cleaning process within a matter of seconds. The app further enhances usability by providing a range of convenient features. You can easily schedule cleanings, adjust the suction power, and set water flow levels for mopping tasks. 

Additionally, the app allows for checking cleaning logs, selecting cleaning modes, initiating or stopping cleaning tasks, and even provides manual control options. Keeping track of consumable usage is made easy with the app as well. With its user-friendly setup and versatile app functionalities, the Midea i5C ensures a seamless and customizable cleaning experience.

Cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet cleaning

The Midea i5C showcases satisfactory navigation capabilities, although it falls short of the best due to the absence of a Lidar sensor. It may encounter some difficulty when confronted with objects in its path. When it comes to cleaning performance on dry surfaces, the i5C demonstrates commendable effectiveness. 

Midea i5c mopping

However, its performance on carpets leaves room for improvement. The unit struggles to deliver optimal results on high-pile carpets, which is a notable drawback. In terms of mopping performance, the i5C proves to be less efficient when tackling tougher or dried stains. It is primarily suitable for cleaning small dust particles after vacuuming. 

It’s worth noting that the i5C does not avoid carpets while mopping, but this can be expected given its affordable price point. While the Midea i5C offers satisfactory cleaning performance on dry surfaces, there are areas, such as carpet cleaning and mopping tougher stains, where it could benefit from further enhancements.


Maintaining the Midea i5C is an effortless and easy process that ensures optimal performance. Routine maintenance involves a few straightforward steps. Cleaning the dust box and inspecting the main and side spinning brushes for any tangled hair are essential tasks. 

If utilizing the mopping function, filling the water tank is necessary, and cleaning the mopping cloth after each session is recommended for optimal results. Fortunately, the i5C provides a small cutting tool conveniently located under the lid to remove any tangled hair effortlessly. With these simple maintenance tasks, the Midea i5C can consistently deliver efficient and effective cleaning performance within its capabilities.

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Should you buy it?

When considering whether to purchase the Midea I5C, several factors should be taken into account. It is well-suited for smaller rooms that lack carpets or have low-pile carpets. If your cleaning needs primarily involve basic daily maintenance, the I5C can be a worthwhile investment, particularly if you can find it at a discounted price. 

However, it’s important to note that the mopping performance of the I5C could be improved. If you require more advanced features and superior overall cleaning performance, it is recommended to explore alternative options such as the Midea S8+ or the Xiaomi Lydsto W2. These models offer more specifications and enhanced capabilities, ensuring a more comprehensive cleaning experience, although at a higher price.


In conclusion, the Midea I5C robot vacuum and mop offers a range of features and functionality that make it a suitable choice for certain cleaning needs. If you consider all its pros and cons, and it fits your home cleaning needs, it can be a worthwhile investment, especially considering its price. If you have a bigger budget and you need more specs and features, there are many alternatives to explore.

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