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Nowadays, more and more people are using smart robot technology, which is not a surprise. If it is affordable yet packed with many useful features, it’s the jackpot. Today we will take an in-depth look at the Midea S8+ and check if it fits this category.

Pros and cons

The Midea S8+ robot vacuum offers several notable advantages. First, it combines the functionality of a vacuum cleaner and a mop, providing a convenient 2-in-1 solution for cleaning floors. Its navigation capabilities are commendable, as it efficiently moves around obstacles and effectively cleans various spaces. When it comes to mopping, the S8+ demonstrates good performance, leaving floors refreshed and tidy. Additionally, the app control is a standout feature, offering a plethora of options and customization for an enhanced cleaning experience.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The auto-emptying feature of the unit tends to be loud, which can be a potential source of disturbance. Additionally, the simple mopping module included with the robot vacuum falls short in terms of performance, delivering less than satisfactory results. Fortunately, the vibrating option, which comes in the box, provides a better mopping experience. Despite these drawbacks, the S8+ remains an attractive option for users looking for a versatile cleaning solution, with its strong vacuuming capabilities, effective navigation, and feature-rich app control.

What’s in the box?

Midea S8+ from the box
  • A standard water tank 
  • Water tank with a vibrating platform
  • Power adapter and cable
  • Charging and auto-empty base station
  • A nozzle for mopping with a mopping cloth
  • User manual
  • Two extra bags for the station
  • Two extra side spinning brushes
  • An extra HEPA filter
  • Midea S8+


The Midea S8+ robot vacuum boasts an impressive array of features that enhance its cleaning performance and convenience. With its vibration mopping system, capable of vibrating at a rate of 500 times per minute, it ensures thorough and efficient mopping, which is much more efficient than the simple mopping attachment.

The auto-empty base station eliminates the hassle of manual emptying, providing a convenient and hygienic solution. The high-precision LDS laser navigation system enables precise mapping and efficient cleaning, ensuring thorough coverage of the designated areas. 

Voice control functionality adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to control the robot vacuum with simple voice commands effortlessly. With a suction power of 4000 Pa, the S8+ exhibits strong suction capabilities, effectively capturing dirt and debris from various surfaces. 

The 5200 mAh battery provides a generous work time of 180 minutes, allowing the robot vacuum to clean larger areas without interruption. Equipped with anti-fall sensors, it navigates safely around stairs and other edges, preventing accidental falls and damage. Together, these features make the Midea S8+ a powerful and intelligent cleaning companion.


Midea S8+ design

The Midea S8+ robot vacuum features a sleek black design that complements modern home aesthetics. Notably, the unit’s coating is resistant to fingerprints, maintaining its clean and stylish appearance. On the top of the robot vacuum, you will find two buttons, including the home and power buttons, as well as the Lidar sensor for precise navigation. 

Opening the lid reveals a spacious 450ml dust box, along with a small cutting/brushing tool for maintenance purposes. Underneath the unit, you’ll find the main central brush, two side spinning brushes, two wheels, a front swivel wheel, and four anti-fall sensors, ensuring efficient and safe operation. 

Additionally, the S8+ is equipped with a 210ml water tank that offers electronic water flow control. Moreover, there is the option to replace the regular water tank with a special 150ml vibrating water tank. 

The vibrating module features a divided cloth design, enhancing the vacuum’s ability to tackle tough stains and deliver thorough mopping performance. Overall, the S8+ exhibits a well-designed and functional structure that enhances its cleaning capabilities.

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The auto-empty dock station

Midea S8+ docking station

The auto-empty dock station of the Midea S8+ showcases a sleek and slim design, perfectly matching the robot vacuum cleaner with its black color. Opening the lid reveals a spacious 2.5-liter dustbag, capable of collecting dust for an extended period, typically lasting 30 days or more, depending on the frequency of robot vacuum usage. 

The dock station operates with a collection suction power of 19000 Pa, which briefly generates a noise level of approximately 84 decibels. However, this noise is only present for a few seconds during the emptying process. Overall, the design of the auto-empty dock station complements the S8+ robot vacuum, offering convenient and efficient dust collection without compromising on aesthetics.

Usability and setup

The user-friendliness and setup process of the Midea S8+ robot vacuum astound with their remarkable simplicity. Setting up the device is a swift and straightforward affair, merely requiring adherence to the instructions outlined in the user manual. Once the robot is assembled, the charging station is strategically positioned and subsequently connected to a power source; you are poised to commence the cleaning process within seconds.

Elevating its user-friendliness, the accompanying app offers an extensive array of features. Through this intuitive interface, you can effortlessly initiate and terminate cleaning cycles, schedule cleaning sessions at your convenience, exercise manual control over the unit, choose from various cleaning modes, and even issue voice commands for seamless operation.

Furthermore, the app empowers you to customize the water flow during mopping and adjust the suction power according to your specific cleaning requirements. Notably, the S8+ boasts multi-floor mapping capabilities, enabling efficient navigation throughout your home. It allows you to create virtual barriers and designate no-go zones for targeted cleaning.

Moreover, the vacuum can discern specific rooms based on the saved maps, ensuring precise and efficient cleaning. The app also provides access to comprehensive cleaning logs, delivering valuable insights into completed cleaning sessions. Overall, the Midea S8+ sets out to provide a seamless and convenient cleaning experience tailored to your needs.

Cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet cleaning

The Midea S8+ shines with its remarkable cleaning performance, adept navigation capabilities, and exceptional carpet-cleaning functionality. Equipped with an impressive suction power of 4000 Pa, this vacuum effortlessly clears dirt and debris, particularly on hardwood floors. While it may encounter occasional challenges when cleaning corners, this issue is not uncommon, even with higher-end models.

S8+ cleaning

The navigation system of the S8+ operates with great efficiency. It diligently follows a perimeter cleaning pattern before elegantly maneuvering in a snake-like fashion to cover the remaining areas of the room. The vacuum can effortlessly climb obstacles up to a height of 20mm, ensuring an uninterrupted cleaning session. When it comes to carpet cleaning, the S8+ excels, thanks to its high suction power, which effectively eliminates dirt and dust from carpets.

The unit has an automatic carpet detection feature, which automatically increases suction power to deliver optimal results when cleaning carpets. However, the basic mopping module may not consistently provide the desired performance, necessitating regular cleaning and occasionally leaving streaks. On the other hand, the vibrating module proves highly effective in tackling stubborn stains and enhancing overall mopping results.

While the S8+ can vacuum and mop simultaneously and automatically detect carpets, it does not avoid mopping on carpeted areas. It is advisable to create no-go zones in such cases. All in all, the S8+ impresses with its outstanding cleaning performance, precise navigation, and efficient carpet-cleaning capabilities.


The maintenance procedure for the Midea S8+ is characterized by its inherent simplicity and minimal effort due to the presence of an automated emptying docking station. This innovative feature substantially reduces the effort required to uphold the device, allowing you to allocate more of your valuable time to other tasks.

Nevertheless, it is important to periodically inspect the brushes for entangled hair or accumulation of dirt to avert potential malfunctions. Furthermore, it is recommended to routinely empty the dust bag housed within the docking station as needed to ensure optimal performance and functionality. The app will notify you when the bag is full, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Should you engage the mopping functionality, it becomes vital to regularly clean the mopping cloths in order to preserve their effectiveness and prevent unsightly streaks from marring your pristine floor. In essence, the maintenance of the Midea S8+ is super easy, necessitating only the diligent assurance of its uninterrupted operation at an optimal level.

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Should you buy it?

Determining whether to invest in the Midea S8+ robot vacuum hinges upon your specific needs and budget. While it may not be the most economical choice on the market, its excellent value proposition justifies the investment. The unit delivers impressive performance on both carpets and hard floors and its mopping capabilities, particularly with the vibration module, are highly effective.

Midea S8+ in the station

If you are lucky enough, you might even find the unit at a discounted price of $400, which is an exceptional deal given the abundance of features it offers. If your budget allows and you find the extensive feature set appealing, the S8+ represents a worthwhile investment.

However, if the price range exceeds your budget, alternative options that provide commendable cleaning performance, although with fewer features, are available at a more affordable price point (such as the Xiaomi Mijia 3C or the Xiaomi Dreame F9). Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Midea S8+ depends on your budget, as well as the specific features and performance you desire from a robot vacuum cleaner.


Overall, the Midea S8+ offers many great features and outstanding cleaning performance, so if you are looking for an advanced robot vacuum, the S8+ probably won’t disappoint you. At around 500$ or slightly more, it is still a great option compared to even more expensive alternatives. Despite some of the negatives mentioned above, the S8+ is still one of the best options to choose from at its price range.

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