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Redroad G10 review – A self-cleaning, Lidar navigated robot vacuum cleaner


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In today’s fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity, and household chores often take a backseat in our busy schedules. Thankfully, the rise of technology has introduced us to the wonders of robot vacuum cleaners, revolutionizing the way we clean our homes. With an array of options available in the market, it’s no wonder that these intelligent devices have gained immense popularity. 

From budget-friendly models to high-end units packed with advanced features, there is something to suit every homeowner’s needs. In this review, we delve into the world of automated cleaning and turn our focus towards the Redroad G10—a self-cleaning, Lidar navigated robot vacuum cleaner. Join us as we explore the features, performance, and overall value of the G10, determining whether it’s truly worth the investment for your cleaning needs.

Pros and cons

The Redroad G10 presents several notable advantages that make it an appealing choice for homeowners seeking efficient cleaning solutions. One of its standout features is its 2-in-1 functionality, serving as both a vacuum and mop, ensuring thorough cleaning of various surfaces.

Additionally, the inclusion of a self-cleaning station with an auto mop washing and rinsing feature adds convenience and eliminates the need for manual maintenance. The G10 also excels in navigation, utilizing Lidar technology to maneuver around obstacles with ease, resulting in efficient and accurate cleaning.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The charging and auto-cleaning base, though advantageous, may occupy a significant amount of space due to its size. On the bright side, its rounded design adds a touch of aesthetic appeal.

The mop drying function, however, falls short of expectations, leaving room for improvement in achieving truly dry mopping pads. Despite these drawbacks, the Redroad G10 remains a compelling option for those seeking an efficient and versatile robot vacuum and mop combo.

What’s in the box?

redroad g10 out of the box
  • One Dust Box
  • One Filter
  • The Main Brush
  • Two Mopping cloths 
  • One extra side brush 
  • Clear water tank 
  • Waste water tank 
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning brush


  • Self-cleaning (automatically cleans the mopping pads after each cleaning session)
  • Electrolytic water sterilization
  • High-frequency vibrating mopping
  • It auto-lifts the mops when it finishes a mopping session to prevent secondary pollution
  • Carpet detection with mop lifting
  • An auto increase of suction power when detecting carpets
  • Smart app control

The Redroad G10 boasts an impressive array of features that enhance its cleaning capabilities and user experience. One standout feature is its self-cleaning function, which automatically cleans the mopping pads after each cleaning session, ensuring hygienic performance; plus, the device utilizes electrolytic water sterilization for maintaining a clean environment. 

With high-frequency vibrating mopping, the G10 achieves better cleaning results than the average. Another noteworthy feature is its ability to automatically lift the mops when completing a mopping session, preventing secondary pollution. Furthermore, the carpet detection feature intelligently lifts the mops when carpets are detected, ensuring optimal performance on different surfaces.

In addition to these features, the Redroad G10 offers the convenience of smart app control, allowing you to control and customize your cleaning experience effortlessly.

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redroad g10 sweeping

The Redroad G10 showcases a sleek and elegant design with its standard rounded shape and glossy white color, adding a touch of modernity to any home. On the top of the unit, you will find the Lidar sensor and the home and power buttons.

The height is just 3.9 inches or 9.6cm, so it can clean under low furniture or beds, ensuring thorough cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. Under the lid, you will find the 450ml dust box with the HEPA filter, which effectively captures dust and allergens.

On the bottom of the unit, you will find the anti-fall sensors, 6 of them, so you don’t have to worry that your unit will fall from the stairs. Additionally, you will find the main central brush, the side spinning brush, the front swivel wheel, the vibrating mopping module, and the main wheels.

Keep in mind that the mopping module is not removable, but you can easily replace the mopping cloth whenever needed. With a large 5200 mAh battery, the G10 can cover a large area before returning to the charging station.

The self-cleaning station

redroad g10 base station

The self-cleaning docking station comes in a pretty large size of 17.7*16.1*15.4 inches but is designed with functionality and convenience in mind. On the top of the base station, you will find two buttons: one for starting the cleaning process and one for starting the rinsing cycle. Under the lid are the two water reservoirs, each with a 4-liter capacity, one for the clean water and one for the dirty water.

In addition to the self-cleaning feature, the docking station also includes a mop drying function to help prevent bacteria growth and bad smell. However, it is important to know that you need to clean the mop cleaning area of the station to remove any dirt buildup that may occur over time. Despite its larger size, the auto-clean docking station of the Redroad G10 offers comprehensive cleaning and maintenance features, making it a valuable addition to the overall cleaning system.

Usability and setup

The Redroad G10 offers a seamless user experience with its user-friendly setup and intuitive app control. Setting up the device is easy, requiring simple assembly according to the instructions in the user manual. Once assembled, you can conveniently place the charging station, plug it in, and within a few minutes, you’re ready to start the cleaning process. 

redroad g10 in the station

In the app, you have an array of different features you can use. You can easily schedule cleanings, adjust the suction power to suit your needs, and access detailed cleaning logs for monitoring and analysis. The app also allows you to save multiple maps of different areas, which is especially useful if you have a two-story house. 

Additionally, you have control over tasks such as starting and stopping cleaning sessions, selecting specific zones and rooms for targeted cleaning, and setting up virtual boundaries and no-go areas. 

Notably, the G10 incorporates Y-shaped mopping for improved performance, automatically increases suction power when cleaning carpets, and avoids carpets while mopping. With its user-friendly setup process and comprehensive app functionalities, it will be easy to set up the unit and use it for your personal needs.

Cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet cleaning

The Redroad G10 delivers great cleaning performance and navigation capabilities thanks to its Lidar sensors. The robot first circles the room’s perimeters and then covers the remaining area in a snake-like pattern. When it comes to carpet cleaning, the Redroad G10 automatically lifts its mopping module upon detecting carpets, ensuring efficient cleaning without compromising performance. 

redroad g10  design

With a maximum suction power of 2800 Pa, the Redroad G10 effectively removes dust and debris from hard floors. However, its effectiveness on high-pile carpets is somewhat limited compared to other surfaces. 

In terms of mopping performance, the G10 performs better than average, but it may struggle with tougher stains. In such cases, you should clean it manually. Nevertheless, the docking station of the G10 is effective at cleaning the mopping cloths, so you can have a hands-free experience while still maintaining optimal mopping performance.


The maintenance of the Redroad G10 is pretty much effortless, thanks to the self-cleaning docking station. However, you need to do a few maintenance tasks regularly to keep the unit in optimal running condition. These include emptying the dustbin as needed and cleaning the brushes from any tangled hair, if necessary, with the small cutting tool. 

g10 bottom view

Fortunately, the brushes can be easily removed in case of stubborn hair buildup. The self-cleaning base station will take care of cleaning the mopping cloth after each cleaning session, requiring minimal effort on your part. If any dirt buildup is found in the station, it can be easily cleaned, ensuring optimal performance. 

Additionally, the mopping cloth can be replaced when necessary, ensuring effective and hygienic cleaning. Overall, the G10’s maintenance process is user-friendly and straightforward, allowing users to keep the device in excellent working condition with minimal effort.

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Should you buy it?

Deciding whether to purchase the Redroad G10 depends on your specific needs and priorities. Priced at around 600-650$, the G10 falls into a higher price range, primarily due to its notable self-cleaning station. If this feature is essential to you and you frequently utilize the mopping function, the Redroad G10 proves to be a worthwhile investment. 

With commendable cleaning and mopping performance, it offers overall great value. However, if the mopping function is not frequently used, there are more affordable 2-in-1 robot vacuum options available, such as the Ultenic D5s pro or the Midea S8+

Considering your usage patterns and budget, selecting a more cost-effective option may be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision to buy the Redroad G10 rests on whether the self-cleaning station and its accompanying features align with your specific cleaning needs and justify the higher price point.


In conclusion, the Redroad G10 is undeniably an efficient and feature-rich unit, but its higher price point must be considered. If the self-cleaning feature is not a necessity for your cleaning routine, the investment may not be entirely justified. However, if you reside in a carpet-free or minimally carpeted home, the G10 can undoubtedly emerge as an excellent choice. 

Assessing your specific needs and budget is crucial in determining whether the Redroad G10 is the right fit for your cleaning requirements. Ultimately, weighing the pros and cons will help you make an informed decision and select the most suitable option for your home cleaning needs.

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