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Robomow RK2000 Review: A Closer Look at the Robotic Lawn Mower


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Have you heard about Robomow lawnmowers? If not, here you can find out the information you are looking for, more specifically about the Robomow RK2000. In today’s market, many options are available, so you can have a hard time choosing the right one for your needs. Let’s find out whether this unit is the right one for you.

Pros and cons

The Robomow RK2000 brings both advantages and drawbacks to the table, making it essential to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. On the positive side, this robotic lawn mower is well-suited for larger yards, efficiently tackling extensive lawn areas with ease. 

Additionally, its quiet operation ensures a peaceful mowing experience, sparing you and your neighbors from disruptive noise. Moreover, the RK2000 boasts an impressive battery life, enabling prolonged mowing sessions without frequent recharging. 

Rk2000 mowing

However, the downside lies in its cost, as the RK2000 falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, demanding a significant investment. Additionally, the initial setup may prove time-consuming, requiring patience and attention to detail. Considering these aspects, the Robomow RK2000 remains a compelling choice for those seeking a quiet and efficient solution for lawn care, but budget-conscious users might want to explore more economical alternatives.


The Robomow RK2000 offers a range of impressive features that elevate its performance in the realm of robotic lawnmowers. With a cutting height adjustment spanning from 0.75 to 4 inches (2cm to 10cm), it provides flexibility to cater to various lawn types and preferences. It comes with a generous mowing time of up to 120 minutes; the RK2000 efficiently covers substantial lawn areas without frequent recharging. 

Its 360° obstacle sensor ensures safe navigation, preventing potential collisions and damage. For added security, the unit is equipped with an alarm, pin code, and GPS system. The convenience of app control allows you to manage the mower remotely, optimizing ease of use. 

The lift sensor serves as a safety feature, promptly stopping the blades when the mower is lifted. Furthermore, the auto-charging feature ensures the RK2000 returns to its base for recharging when needed. With an impressive maximum incline mowing area of 45%, it handles sloped terrain with confidence. 

The 4-blade pivoting cutting system guarantees precise and efficient mowing, leaving your lawn looking immaculate. Combining these remarkable features, the RK2000 stands as a great contender in the world of robotic lawn maintenance.

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The Robomow RK2000 has a straightforward yet functional design that gets the job done effectively. Its darker green-black color combination exudes a sense of simplicity and elegance. The top of the unit features a red stop button and a control panel protected by a secure lid. 

Rk2000 bottom view

On the bottom, you’ll find a front swivel wheel, two larger grippy wheels, and a unique 4-blade cutting system, distinguishing it from the common 3-blade systems found in other models. 

Despite its lightweight design, weighing only 23 lbs (10.4 kg), the RK2000 can easily handle yards of up to 2000 sqm. It is a solid choice for lawn maintenance as it has a well-designed and efficient system that consistently produces good results with minimum hassle.

Usability and setup

The Robomow RK2000 presents itself with a level of ease in usability once the initial configuration is finalized. Scheduling the mower for automated mowing proves to be a breeze, provided the mowing area remains free of obstacles. However, the configuration process itself can be rather time-consuming, demanding a fair amount of patience to ensure its precise execution.

According to the guidelines outlined in the user manual, the laying down of the boundary wires emerges as a crucial step, while positioning the docking station on a level and shaded surface with a readily available power supply is important. Keeping an eye on the unit after the setup phase enables the identification of any potential trouble areas or the need for minor adjustments in the wiring layout to accommodate your yard’s distinct contours.

While employing the services of a professional for the setup remains an option, taking on the task oneself can be gratifying and even enjoyable. Once the setup is complete, the RK2000 efficiently handles the rest, culminating in lawn maintenance becoming an effortless and convenient experience.


Ensuring the Robomow RK2000 operates at its peak requires minimal effort, as maintenance proves to be an easy task. Though not demanding in terms of time or labor, regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance.

Periodically checking the wheels, especially after rainy days, prevents blockages and ensures smooth operation. Keeping a watchful eye on the blades and clearing any accumulated grass debris guarantees efficient mowing. When the blades wear out over time, replacement becomes necessary. 

During winter, storing the mower in a dry location protects it from extreme temperatures. Overall, maintaining the mower is a breeze, merely necessitating periodic checks to keep it in top condition.

Should you buy it?

Robomow Rk2000 mowing

Contemplating the acquisition of the Robomow RK2000, it proves imperative to deliberate on its pros and cons before making a purchasing decision. While its performance is good, the most significant drawback lies in its price, which positions it towards the pricier range of the market. As an efficient mower designed for larger yards spanning up to 2000 sqm, it excels in taming extensive lawn areas easily.

However, for those with considerably smaller yards, more budget-friendly alternatives offer similar attributes and capabilities. However, if you have a substantial lawn and seek a reliable and efficient robotic lawn mower, the Robomow RK2000 indeed stands as a worthwhile investment.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller yard, exploring other models with lower price points may be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision to buy the RK2000 hinges upon the dimensions of your yard and your budget constraints.

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To conclude, the Robomow RK2000 is a valuable investment for those with more spacious yards and the financial means to spare. Upon completing the initial setup, this unit operates seamlessly, bestowing efficient and dependable lawn maintenance. With the RK2000 assuming responsibility for mowing tasks, you will unshackle valuable time in the long run, affording you the pleasure of relishing a well-maintained lawn without your manual intervention.

For those seeking a convenient and time-saving solution tailored to more expansive lawn areas, the Robomow RK2000 is undoubtedly worth consideration. Embrace the future of lawn care with this intelligent robotic mower and bask in the benefits it confers upon your outdoor space.

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