Roomba charging error 1

Roomba charging error 1 – what do you need to know


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When it comes to electronic devices, different errors can occur. One common error message is the Roomba charging error 1. Let’s see what this error means and how to solve it.

Error indicators on different models

Different Roomba robot vacuum models have different error indicators depending on the series. For example, when experiencing an error one (1), the Roomba 900 series indicates to check that Roomba’s battery is installed and recommends opening the iRobot App for help.

Wi-Fi-connected 600 and 800 series show the same message and suggest using the iRobot HOME App as well. Additionally, the Roomba 500, 600, 700, and 800 series models simply show “Charging error 1” without any other instructions, followed by a blinking troubleshooting icon or CLEAN button indicator due to charging issues. Lastly, select models display “ERR1” as an indicator of a problem.

Roomba charging error 1

When you encounter Roomba charging error 1, it means your battery is not detected, thus preventing the robot from being charged. To rectify this issue, please ensure that the following steps have been addressed:

  • Ensure that you are using a genuine iRobot Lithium Ion Battery for the best results. Counterfeit batteries might cause charging issues, so be sure to use an original product.
  • To guarantee a smooth start-up, make sure that the battery is correctly inserted into your service robot. If you recently acquired it, confirm that its original battery has been properly installed.
  • Carefully remove the battery and inspect for any obstructions, such as a yellow pull tab, which may be blocking the contacts.
Roomba battery removal

Ensure the battery and robot are connected securely.

If your Roomba is not charging, it’s important to ensure that the battery is properly installed in the robot vacuum and that all connections are secure. If the battery is not properly installed or the connections are loose, it can cause charging problems.

In addition to checking the battery and its connections, you should also ensure that the robot vacuum is properly aligned with the charging dock. If the robot vacuum is not properly aligned with the dock, it may not be able to charge properly.

If you have checked the battery and its connections and have ensured that the robot vacuum is properly aligned with the charging dock, but your Roomba won’t charge, there may be another issue at play. In this case, it may be necessary to seek assistance from the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician to diagnose and resolve the problem.

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