Segway Navimow h500e

Segway Navimow h500e Review – Quiet Efficiency without Boundary Wires


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Among the range of available models, the Segway Navimow h500e has the smallest area mowing capacity, efficiently handling yards up to 500 sqm without the need for laying down boundary wires. In terms of design, this unit is more or less the same as the other models, but is it worth the high price? Read our review and find out, as well as learn more about the features of this unit. Let’s dive in!

Pros and cons

The Segway Navimow stands out from the competition because it doesn’t need boundary wires to work, making the setup more convenient and easy. Additionally, its ultra-quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance to you and your neighbors while maintaining your yard in top-notch condition. However, it’s essential to consider the downsides as well. Despite its boundary-wire-free feature, the h500e has a higher price point, making anyone think twice before buying.

Navimow h500e mowing

Furthermore, it relies on a stable Wi-Fi connection, making it less suitable for areas with poor coverage or no access to Wi-Fi, as it does not operate on a 4G connection. Weighing the pros and cons will help you decide if the Segway Navimow h500e is the right robotic mower for your specific needs.


The Segway Navimow h500e is a feature-packed robotic lawn mower designed to elevate your lawn care experience. With its auto-charging capability, it not only recharges itself but also resumes mowing from its previous stoppage point, ensuring complete yard coverage. 

The convenience of scheduling allows you to set specific mowing times tailored to your preferences. The h500e’s efficient 3-pivoting blade-cutting system ensures precise and thorough mowing. Managing the mower is a breeze with the dedicated smartphone app, which also enables virtual boundary setup, eliminating the need for boundary wires. 

Safety is paramount, thanks to the Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System, delivering centimeter-level accuracy for precise navigation. The Real-time Adapt feature, equipped with five safety sensors, enables the mower to detect obstacles and adjust its path accordingly. Further enhancing safety, the BladeHalt sensor halts the blades upon contact with objects in its sensing area. 

The mower’s IPX6 waterproof rating ensures durability against various weather conditions and allows for easy washing. The addition of a rain and frost sensor ensures the h500e’s operation remains optimal in varying weather conditions. With an impressive 180-minute runtime, the Segway Navimow h500e guarantees efficient and reliable lawn maintenance.

In the app, you can do the following things:

  • Cutting height adjustment (3-6cm)
  • Virtual map setup (set and adjust mowing area) 
  • Real-time mower status
  • Schedule
  • Battery percentage
  • Create no-mow zones
  • Establish channels between areas
  • Check the coverage and progress

Performance and navigation

The Segway Navimow h500e impresses with its performance and navigation capabilities, thanks to its smart navigation algorithm. This advanced algorithm enables the unit to plan the most efficient cutting route, minimizing repetitive movements and maximizing its mowing efficiency.

As a result, the h500e consistently maintains the grass at the preferred height when used regularly. Overall, the performance and navigation of the Navimow h500e are commendable, making it a reliable and effective choice for effortless lawn care.

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Navimow h500e control panel

The Segway Navimow h500e boasts a sleek and modern design, featuring an appealing orange, gray, and black color scheme. Similar to its counterparts, the h500e showcases only subtle differences in design. The top of the unit is home to the user-friendly control panel, a prominent red stop button for quick and easy access, a rain sensor to adapt to changing weather conditions, and the EFLS (exact fusion locating system) for precise location tracking.

 Underneath the mower, you’ll find the three spinning blades, supported by two larger main wheels and two smaller wheels for smooth navigation. Designed specifically for yards of 500 sqm or less, the h500e offers efficient lawn care for smaller areas. For enhanced navigation and obstacle avoidance, the optional VisionFence sensor is available, catering to complex areas that were previously challenging to mow. 

Although not budget-friendly, the ability to add this feature later provides flexibility for you. In conclusion, the Segway Navimow h500e showcases an aesthetically pleasing and functional design, with additional options to improve its navigation capabilities.

Usability and setup

setting up the Navimow h500e

The usability and setup of the Segway Navimow h500e redefine convenience compared to regular robotic lawnmowers. Setting up the unit is a breeze, as it eliminates the need for laborious boundary wire installation; instead, you can effortlessly define the virtual perimeter using the app. Even if mistakes occur during the process, there’s no need to start over – a simple rollback and redo any errors. 

The app further enhances usability by allowing the creation of Off-limit areas or no-mow zones to accommodate potential obstacles like bushes or furniture. You can also opt to mute the sound effects, ensuring a disturbance-free mowing experience. After a few initial runs, identifying troublesome areas becomes easy, allowing for swift adjustments if necessary. 

Additionally, the app provides flexibility; you can modify the working area to adapt to changes in your garden layout. Gone are the days of frustrating wire fixes, as the h500e eliminates this concern entirely. With the app’s support, this robotic mower offers effortless usability, granting you a hands-free experience and real-time progress tracking, providing everything needed for efficient and hassle-free lawn care.


Navimow h500e maintenance

Maintaining the Segway Navimow h500e is a straightforward and time-efficient process. Regular checks and simple tasks keep the mower in optimal condition. Cleaning and replacing the cutting blades periodically ensures consistently excellent mowing performance. After rainy days, pay special attention to the wheels, clearing any dirt or mud buildup and ensuring no obstructions block their movement. 

During the winter months, store the mower in a dry location to extend its lifespan and protect it from harsh weather conditions. To clean the underside of the unit, a quick rinse with a garden hose effectively removes excess dirt. With these easy maintenance steps, the Segway Navimow h500e remains a reliable and long-lasting companion for hassle-free lawn care throughout the seasons.

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Should you buy it?

The decision to buy the Segway Navimow h500e depends on your specific lawn care needs and budget considerations. Investing in a robot lawn mower is always a good idea if you want to save time, money, and energy in the long run. However, the h500e requires a pretty significant investment of around 1500$, not to mention that the h800e, which covers a larger area, and has both Wi-fi and 4G connectivity, is just slightly more expensive.

Navimow h500e with VisualFence

Before buying, it is recommended to complete Segway’s checklist to ensure the unit is suitable for your unique garden setup. In case you have a more complex garden, you have the option to add the VisionFence camera, which enhances the navigation and the overall performance. If you have a larger yard, the Navimow h800e, h1500e, or the h3000e are better options.

The Segway Navimow h500e is mainly good for smaller gardens, with good Wi-Fi coverage. However, if you aren’t bothered by the initial setup and the use of boundary wires, you can find cheaper models with great overall performance.


Overall the Segway Navimow h500e stands out among the many options available, thanks to its boundary-wire-free design. Not having to deal with the wires is a huge advantage because, firstly, the initial setup is easy; plus, whenever you want to change something in your yard, it will be easier to make adjustments with the help of the app.

That said, it is important to consider the high price point and that it only operates on Wi-Fi, not 4G. If you have a smaller yard, good Wi-fi coverage, and don’t want to deal with the wires, the h500e can be a great choice for lawn maintenance needs.

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