Segway Navimow h800e

Segway Navimow h800e Review: A Robotic Lawn Mower Without Boundary Wires


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The rise in popularity of robotic lawnmowers has brought forth a range of convenient and effective solutions for lawn maintenance. In a market filled with various options, each boasting distinct features and capabilities, finding the ideal fit for your specific requirements is demanding.

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the Segway Navimow h800e, a groundbreaking robotic lawnmower that distinguishes itself from the competition. What sets this unit apart is its remarkable ability to operate without the necessity of boundary wires, employing virtual limitations instead. Without further ado, let’s jump in and see what this unit is capable of.

Pros and cons

The Segway Navimow h800e offers several notable advantages, making it a compelling choice for those seeking an advanced robotic lawn mower. One of the most obvious pros that also makes this unit stand out is, of course, the absence of boundary wires, making the initial setup process much more manageable.

Additionally, the Navimow h800e operates at an ultra-quiet level, ensuring a peaceful mowing experience (around 54db). However, it’s important to consider a few potential drawbacks. 

Firstly, the Navimow h800e is on the expensive side, which may deter budget-conscious buyers. Secondly, its suitability depends on the yard’s setup, as it may not be ideal for yards with tall trees, walls, or other obstacles. Despite these cons, the Segway Navimow h800e offers a range of benefits that can elevate your lawn maintenance experience.


The Segway Navimow h800e boasts an array of impressive features designed to enhance your lawn care experience. With its auto charging capability, the mower seamlessly resumes its task from the exact stoppage point after recharging, ensuring efficient coverage. The scheduling feature allows you to set specific mowing times to suit your needs conveniently. 

Segway Navimow mowing

Equipped with a 3-pivoting blade cutting system, the Navimow h800e delivers precise and thorough mowing results. The convenience of app control enables you to effortlessly manage and monitor the mower’s operation from your smartphone. 

Theft protection is provided through the exact fusion locating system, which allows you to track the exact location of the mower. Setting virtual boundaries with the app eliminates the need for cumbersome boundary wires. The Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System ensures exceptional positioning accuracy at the centimeter level. 

With its Real-time Adapt feature and five safety sensors, the Navimow h800e detects and avoids obstacles, ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation. It is also IPX6 waterproof, guaranteeing durability in various weather conditions and allowing for easy washing. 

The BladeHalt sensor adds an extra layer of safety by halting the blades when an object comes into contact with the sensing area (this function can be activated through the app). Lastly, the rain and frost sensor enables the mower to adapt its operation accordingly. With these remarkable features, the Segway Navimow h800e offers a comprehensive and advanced solution for effortless and effective lawn maintenance.

In the app, you can do the following:

  • Cutting height adjustment (3-6cm)
  • Virtual map setup (set and adjust mowing area) 
  • Real-time mower status
  • Schedule
  • Battery percentage
  • Create no-mow zones
  • Establish channels between areas

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Performance and navigation

The Segway Navimow h800e excels in performance and navigation thanks to its intelligent navigation algorithm. This advanced system enables the mower to plan the most efficient cutting route, minimizing repetitive movements and optimizing coverage. When used regularly, this unit consistently maintains the grass at the desired height, delivering excellent results and contributing to a well-maintained lawn. 


Segway Navimow h800e

The Segway Navimow h800e showcases a sleek and modern design, featuring an appealing combination of orange, gray, and black colors. The top of the unit houses the control panel, the prominent red stop button, as well as the rain sensor, and the EFLS (exact fusion locating system). 

On the bottom of the mower, you’ll find the three spinning blades, ensuring efficient and precise cutting, along with two larger main wheels and two smaller wheels for smooth maneuverability. 

Segway Navimow h800e bottom view

The design of the Segway Navimow h800e is specifically tailored for yards measuring 800 square meters or less, providing an optimal solution for small to medium-sized lawns. With its visually pleasing aesthetics and well-thought-out components, the Navimow h800e combines functionality and style in its design.

Usability and setup

The usability and setup of the Segway Navimow h800e are remarkably user-friendly and convenient. Setting up this unit is significantly easier and faster compared to regular robotic lawnmowers, as there is no need to lay down boundary wires. Instead, you can effortlessly set the virtual perimeter using the dedicated app. This advantage allows for quick adjustments without having to restart the entire process if a mistake is made; simply roll back and correct the error. 

Seting up navimow h800e

The app provides additional customization options, such as creating Off-limit areas or no-mow zones for potential obstacles like bushes or furniture. Furthermore, if you prefer a quieter operation, you can easily turn off the sound effects to avoid any disturbances. After a few initial runs, you can identify and address any troublesome areas, making adjustments as necessary. Even if you modify the layout of your garden, adapting the working area in the app is a breeze. 

You no longer need to worry about accidentally cutting the boundary wires, which can easily happen when using traditional robot lawnmowers. With the app, you have easy control over the unit, plus you can follow the progress and check for any possible errors. Overall with the Navimow h800e, you can have a hands-free experience and spend your precious time on more important things.


The maintenance of the Navimow h800e is quick and easy; nonetheless, you should regularly check the following things. Check the cutting blades and clean and replace them when necessary. Also, make sure to check the wheels for any dirt buildup or mud, especially after rainy days, to ensure optimal working conditions.

Cleaning the Navimow h800e

During the winter months, you should store the mower in a dry place to extend its lifespan. After a few cleaning sessions, you can easily clean the underside of the unit using a garden hose to wash away any excess dirt. Although you don’t need to do these maintenance steps daily, it is recommended to do it occasionally to ensure better performance.

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Should you buy it?

Deciding whether to purchase the Segway Navimow h800e requires careful consideration based on your specific needs and budget. If you value time and energy savings, investing in a robotic lawn mower is an excellent choice. While the Navimow h800e does come with a significant price tag, its advanced features and controls somewhat justify the cost. 

Before investing in this unit, we highly recommend completing the segway checklist to determine whether the unit is suitable for your garden setup. In case you have a much smaller garden, the Navimow h500e could be a better option. If you, however, have a bigger yard, two models could be better options; the Navimow h1500e and the h3000e.

All in all, if you have the budget for it, the Navimow is a great investment without the hassle of setting up the boundary wires.


The Segway Navimow h800e is a great investment, especially if you don’t want to deal with the time-consuming setup of the boundary wires. Easier to use, more convenient, and does a great cutting job. However, make sure to consider the suitability of your specific garden layout to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

If there are tall trees in your garden or many walls, this mower may not be the best option for you. If everything checks out, and you decide to invest in the h800e, you will be pleased with its performance.

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