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Xiaomi Mijia 3C Review – Affordable Excellence in LIDAR-Powered Robot Cleaning


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Today, we are going to take a closer look at another affordable unit equipped with Lidar, the Xiaomi Mijia 3c. We will delve into its ups and downs, features and specs, design, and others. By the end of this review, hopefully, you will have a better understanding of whether this unit is suitable for your needs.

Pros and cons

The Xiaomi Mijia 3c offers several advantages, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. Firstly, it is highly affordable (price range between 200 and 250$), providing good value for money. Additionally, it is a versatile device, functioning as both a vacuum and a mop, making it convenient for cleaning various surfaces. Another positive aspect is its Lidar navigation system, which helps in efficient and precise cleaning. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. While the carpet cleaning performance is not bad, it could be improved, as it may struggle with deep cleaning on carpets. Moreover, it lacks carpet detection in mopping mode, which means you will need to create no-go zones around carpets.

Additionally, what we love about Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners is that it is pretty easy to acquire spare parts at an affordable price. Plus, in the app, you can track the usage of the different parts.

What’s in the box?

Xiaomi Mijia 3c in the box
  • User manual
  • Charging station
  • Power cable
  • Mop attachment 
  • Xiaomi Mijia 3c


The Xiaomi Mijia 3c boasts an array of impressive features. It is equipped with New-Gen LDS Laser navigation, allowing it to support multiple maps and enabling you to customize your cleaning plans easily. With a powerful suction of 4000Pa and four-level suction modes, it ensures effective cleaning. 

The device also functions as a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop, incorporating an intelligent electric control water tank. Anti-fall sensors enhance its safety features, while its ability to climb obstacles up to 20 mm high ensures efficient cleaning on different surfaces. Additionally, it offers a convenient two-in-one 300 ml dust box and 200 ml water tank for seamless cleaning.


Xiaomi Mijia 3c design

The Xiaomi Mijia robot vacuum mop 3c features a simple and clean design, available in a white color option. At the top of the device, you’ll find the Lidar, along with two buttons for power and home functions. Under the lid, there is a dust container, and water tank two in one, and a small cleaning tool. On the bottom of the unit, you’ll find the mop attachment, a side spinning brush, and the main brush. 

Xiaomi Mijia 3c bottom view

While the overall build quality of the Mijia 3c may feel cheaper, it is understandable considering the affordable price point, especially for a Lidar robot vacuum. This trade-off likely resulted from the use of slightly lower-quality materials to achieve a more accessible price for consumers. The Xiaomi Mijia 3c is equipped with a 2600mAh battery, which provides a work time of up to 100 minutes.

The mopping performance of the Xiaomi Mijia 3c is satisfactory, but it may not excel when it comes to tackling tougher stains. If you prioritize effective mopping performance, alternative options like the Dreame bot W10 with spinning mops tend to deliver better results. While the Mijia 3c can handle regular mopping tasks adequately, it may struggle with more stubborn or difficult stains. Therefore, if achieving a high-quality mopping performance is a priority for you, investing in a more advanced unit is worth considering.

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Usability and setup

The Xiaomi Mijia 3c offers a user-friendly and hassle-free setup process. Simply assemble the robot by inserting the dust box and HEPA filter, attaching the mopping pad, and the spinning brush. Then, position the charging station, fill the water tank if mopping is desired, and the cleaning process can begin. To unlock advanced features and customization options, downloading the app is necessary. 

The app provides numerous customization possibilities, such as setting up no-go and no-mop zones, adjusting suction power, scheduling cleaning sessions, saving multiple maps, real-time tracking, and Y-shaped wet cleaning, among others. This app-based control enhances the usability of the Mijia 3c, allowing you to tailor the cleaning experience according to your preferences and specific needs.


The Xiaomi Mijia 3c requires meticulous maintenance to guarantee its peak performance. Regular and thorough cleaning of the dustbin is crucial to prevent accumulation and maintain efficient suction. When utilizing the mopping function, it is essential to fill the water tank appropriately and cleanse the mopping module diligently after each cleaning session, thereby preventing any streaks on the floor.

Mijia 3c undet the lid

For the mopping module, meticulous cleaning with water and thorough drying prior to the subsequent use is highly recommended. It is advisable to replace the mopping pad every 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of usage. To eliminate any debris or entangled hair, it is important to inspect and clean the main brush. Similarly, the wheels should be examined and cleared of any dirt or hair that might have accumulated.

Moreover, it is necessary to clean the spinning side brush as and when required. In the case of stubbornly tangled hair on the brushes, the cutting tool provided under the lid can be effectively used to remove it. Adhering to these maintenance procedures will ensure that the Xiaomi Mijia 3c remains in optimal condition, consistently delivering efficient and effective cleaning results.

Should you buy it?

Whether or not to purchase the Xiaomi Mijia 3c depends on your specific requirements and preferences. This robot vacuum cleaner with mopping functionality and Lidar technology offers solid performance, particularly on hard floors. It stands out as an affordable option in the market for a Lidar robot vacuum cleaner. 

Mijia 3c under furniture

However, its mopping performance could still be improved. If you have a limited number of carpets, this unit could be a suitable choice, but keep in mind that it lacks carpet detection, necessitating the setup of no-mop zones. On the positive side, the navigation system works well, ensuring efficient cleaning. 

The suction power is impressive, particularly on hardwood floors, although it doesn’t perform that well when it comes to cleaning carpets with pet hair. Ultimately, it is crucial to consider the pros and cons in light of your specific needs before making a decision to invest in this unit.

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Overall the Xiaomi Mijia sweeping vacuum cleaner 3c is a good robot vacuum cleaner with a great navigation system. However, in our opinion, investing in this unit is only a good option if you are aware of its weaknesses as well. The Mijia 3c performs well, but there is room for improvement.

The build quality is not premium but reasonable for its price point. On the flip side, if you are looking for better performance and not necessarily bothered if the unit doesn’t have a lidar, many options are available in this price range.

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