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Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s Review – Is it worth the hype?


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In today’s review, we will take a closer look at a self-cleaning, self-empty, LIDAR-navigated robot vacuum cleaner, the Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1S. This smart cleaning device comes with a multi-functional base station that offers a hands-off cleaning experience with minimal effort. But as with any robotic device, some downsides need to be considered to make an informed decision. So without further ado, let’s jump in and see what this unit can do to ease your life.

Pros and cons

The Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s robot vacuum cleaner offers several noteworthy advantages. With its self-cleaning feature, maintenance becomes hassle-free. The device excels in navigation, thanks to Lidar technology, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. Additionally, it delivers commendable mopping performance, enhancing the overall cleanliness of your floors. Moreover, considering the advanced features it provides, the Mijia Omni 1s comes at a reasonable price, especially compared to the competitors with similar features. 

However, it does have a couple of downsides. It may struggle with cleaning corners effectively, requiring occasional manual intervention. Furthermore, its object avoidance capabilities suffer in low-light conditions, potentially resulting in collisions or reduced efficiency during nighttime cleaning sessions. In case you are bothered by that, don’t forget that you have the schedule option to let the robot do its job while you aren’t home.

What’s in the box?

  • The base station
  • Power cable
  • User manual
  • Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s
  • An extra bag for the station
  • A mini cleaning tool


The Omni 1s robot vacuum cleaner boasts an impressive array of features. With its powerful 4000 Pa suction, it ensures thorough cleaning of various surfaces. The inclusion of dual spinning mops enhances its ability to tackle tough stains effectively. Equipped with anti-fall sensors, the unit provides peace of mind by preventing accidental falls down stairs. 

Omni 1s with anti-fall sensors

The carpet detection feature, combined with the auto mop lifting function, offers convenience for homes with carpeted areas. The auto mop cleaning and drying capability simplifies maintenance, reducing manual effort. 

Furthermore, the robot’s automatic dust collection capability, lasting up to 30 days, eliminates the need for manual emptying of the dust box. Lastly, the auto water refill feature allows the base to automatically add water to the water tank, eliminating the need for manual intervention. With these features, the Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s ensures a thorough and effortless cleaning experience.


Omni 1s under the lid

The Mijia Omni 1s robot vacuum cleaner showcases a sleek and straightforward design. Its classic white color gives it a clean and timeless appearance. At the top, there is a Lidar sensor alongside two buttons for home and power functions, offering ease of control. Opening the lid reveals the dust box, which houses a washable HEPA filter, ensuring efficient filtration. The unit features an 80 ml water tank, with an automatic water refill facilitated by the base station. 

Mijia Omni 1s

Underneath the robot, various components are situated, including two spinning mops, a spinning side brush, a main central brush, four anti-fall sensors, a front swivel wheel, and main wheels, contributing to its robust cleaning performance. The self-empty base station complements the vacuum cleaner with its 2.5-liter dust collector and two water tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water, each with a capacity of 2.5 liters. The base station efficiently cleans and dries the mopping pads within two hours, utilizing hot air. 

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Usability and setup

The Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s robot vacuum cleaner is designed to provide you with exceptional usability and easy setup. Setting it up is quick and straightforward – just follow the instructions in the user manual, assemble the robot, place the charging station, and you’re ready to start the cleaning process.

Xiaomi MIjia Omni 1s design

With the accompanying app, you have access to a wide range of convenient features. You can enjoy the convenience of self-cleaning, rinse and dry the mopping pads at the station using hot air, and easily recognize objects on the floor. The app allows you to save multiple cleaning maps in memory, providing a detailed 3D room map and automatically dividing your space into different rooms. You have the flexibility to choose specific zones and rooms for cleaning, set virtual walls, and No-Go/No-Mop zones. 

Adjusting the suction power, setting the frequency of mopping pad rinsing (such as after every 20 sq.m.), and selecting user modes are just a few taps away. You can keep track of completed cleaning tasks with the cleaning log, schedule cleaning sessions as per your convenience and benefit from automatic power increase on carpets while avoiding mopping on them. The Omni 1s puts you in control, providing a user-friendly and customized cleaning experience.

Cleaning performance, navigation, and carpet cleaning

The Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s robot vacuum cleaner provides you with outstanding navigation performance. It effectively detects and navigates around objects, ensuring a safe and thorough cleaning. Just keep in mind that in complete darkness, object detection may not work as well.

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll be impressed by the Omni 1s’ powerful 4000 Pa suction power. It does a great job of picking up dirt and dust. The only thing to note is that it may not be as effective in cleaning corners.

Carpet cleaning is also a strong suit of the Omni 1s. You have two options to choose from: you can let the robot both mop and vacuum and when it detects carpet, it will lift the mopping pads. Alternatively, you can choose to avoid mopping carpets altogether, which is particularly useful for high-pile carpets.

Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s mopping

The mopping performance of the Omni 1s is also exceptional. It handles tough stains with ease. The spinning mops included with the unit provide better cleaning results compared to simple mop attachments.

In summary, the Mijia Omni 1s robot vacuum cleaner offers impressive cleaning performance, efficient navigation, and reliable carpet cleaning capabilities to make your cleaning tasks a breeze.


Due to its sophisticated docking station, the Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s automated vacuum cleaner offers effortless upkeep. While utilizing the device, it is advisable to periodically inspect the primary and rotating bristles for entangled strands of hair and remove them as necessary. Additionally, it is crucial to examine the self-cleaning station and cleanse it if you find any dirt buildup.

Nevertheless, one of the primary merits of the Omni 1s lies in its inherent convenience, providing a hands-free experience that minimizes the need for frequent manual intervention. With these remarkable attributes, maintaining the unit becomes hassle-free, granting you a seamless and enjoyable cleaning experience.

Should you buy it?

Omni 1s returning to base

If you have the budget, the Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s undoubtedly represents a great investment. With its plethora of practical features and minimal maintenance requisites, it delivers exceptional value for your monetary expenditure. Through the accompanying application, you can personalize the unit to cater to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring an optimized cleaning experience tailored precisely to your living space.

Considering its price range of $600 to $700, the Omni 1s is one of the premier available choices. Furthermore, with a stroke of good fortune, you may even stumble upon a discounted price as low as $550, which presents an incredible opportunity for acquiring a robot vacuum cleaner of this caliber. All in all, the Mijia Omni 1s presents a compelling proposition, combining a comprehensive array of features, convenience, and affordability.

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In conclusion, following a thorough examination of the Xiaomi Mijia Omni 1s and a careful consideration of its features, performance, maintenance requirements, and pricing, it is evident that it lives up to its well-deserved acclaim. Its impressive capabilities and affordability render it an outstanding option within the market.

In comparison to other robot vacuum cleaners boasting similar specifications and features, the Omni 1s delivers unparalleled value. It adeptly addresses cleaning necessities, affords convenient customization through its application, and requires minimal maintenance. If you seek a top-tier robot vacuum cleaner that offers exceptional quality without causing a significant investment, the Mijia Omni 1s is unquestionably a choice worth considering.

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