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Yard Force Classic 500 Review – Budget friendly, but does it worth it?


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In the realm of robot lawnmowers, effortless yard maintenance often comes at a steep price. While the market offers a multitude of options, the average cost remains pretty high, particularly for those seeking advanced features and convenient app control. 

However, among the sea of pricey alternatives, one budget-friendly option is the Yard Force Classic 500. Today, we will take a closer look at this affordable robotic mower to determine if it truly lives up to its promise. Without further ado, let’s jump into the features, performance, and overall value of the Yard Force Classic 500, to see whether it’s a worthwhile investment for your lawn care needs.

Pros and cons

The Yard Force Classic 500 presents several noteworthy pros and cons. On the positive side, it stands out for its affordability, making it an attractive option for anyone looking for a budget-friendly option. Additionally, its compact design and efficient performance make it particularly well-suited for smaller or medium-sized yards, ensuring an adequately maintained lawn. 

Yard Force classic 500

Moreover, the Yard Force Classic 500 delivers consistent cutting performance with reliable and uniform results. However, it is important to consider its limitations. The mower may have some difficulties on uneven ground, struggling to navigate and maintain optimal cutting performance in such conditions. 

Furthermore, it has a tendency to get stuck, potentially requiring manual intervention to free it, but this can be avoided if you prepare your yard correctly. These factors should be considered when deciding whether the Yard Force Classic 500 is right for your specific lawn care needs.


The Yard Force Classic 500 boasts a range of impressive features designed to enhance the overall experience. With its central cutting height adjustment, you can easily customize the cutting height to suit your preferences. Moreover, it comes with lift and tilt sensors to ensure safety, as it automatically stops the blades when lifted or tilted.

If it rains, don’t worry, the mower comes with a rain sensor that automatically sends the unit back to the charging station, so there is no need for manual intervention. The mulching system promotes a healthier lawn by finely cutting grass clippings and returning them to the soil as a natural fertilizer. 

The quiet operation ensures that it doesn’t disturb you or your neighbors while taking care of your lawn. Also, you can set up automated mowing sessions to enhance the hands-free experience with the scheduling feature. Overall, these features contribute to the Yard Force Classic 500’s effectiveness, ease of use, and commitment to maintaining a well-groomed lawn.

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The Yard Force Classic 500 showcases a standard design accentuated by an appealing orange and black color combination. On the top of the unit, you will find the rotating knob for cutting height adjustment, the user-friendly control panel, the rain sensor to optimize operation during different weather conditions, and the classic red stop button that immediately pauses the robot.

Yard Force classic 500 bottom view

On the bottom of the unit, you’ll find two smaller front wheels, two larger main wheels for smooth maneuverability, and centrally positioned rotating blades for efficient cutting. 

This unit from Yard Force is suitable for yards up to 500 m², so make sure to take this into consideration before buying.

Additionally, its ability to climb slopes of up to 40% and a weight of 18.7 lbs (8.5 kgs) further contribute to its versatility and ease of use. Overall the design of the Yard Force Classic 500  is simple yet functional and, more importantly, user-friendly and compatible with various yard types.

Usability and setup

Setting up the Yard Force Classic 500 may initially require some time and effort, but with a bit of patience, it can be easily accomplished. You have the option to either install it yourself or hire a professional for assistance. If you choose to do it yourself, choose a level and shaded surface for the docking station that is accessible to a power supply.

Yard Force 500 from the box

Place the boundary wires along the perimeter of your lawn and make sure they are securely fixed to the ground to avoid accidentally cutting or tripping over them. Before the first cutting session, clear the mowing area of any low objects that may get under or block the mower’s progress. After the first few runs, you will be able to find those areas where the mower has difficulties. Don’t worry, though; in such cases, simply adjust or reposition the perimeter wires accordingly.

As the grass grows, these wires will become less visible, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the landscape. Overall, while the setup process may take some attention to detail, the usability of the Yard Force Classic 500 is enhanced by its user-friendly design and the ability to fine-tune the boundaries for optimal performance.


The Yard Force Classic 500 maintenance is fast and easy, requiring minimal effort on your part. Every once in a while, check the cutting blades, clean them, and replace them when necessary. Don’t forget about the wheels; check and clean them if you find accumulated dirt or mud, especially after rainy days.

Cleaning the mower itself is simple, as you can simply wash the exterior and rinse underneath the unit with a garden hose. Of course, you will need to cut the grass where the unit cannot find its way, but overall you have just a few maintenance tasks to keep your mower in optimal running condition. If you follow these steps, it is guaranteed that you will maximize the life of your mower.

Should you buy it?

The Yard Force Classic 500 is a great option for anyone seeking an affordable robotic mower to eliminate manual lawn mowing. This unit can save you time and effort with its consistent cutting performance and minimal maintenance requirements. It is particularly well-suited for smaller yards and limited budgets, offering a cost-effective solution. 

Yard Force classic 500 mowing

However, if your yard is not even, and you also have a bigger yard, this mower is not for you. Moreover, if you don’t set the wires correctly, you will have trouble with the mower, leading to a bad overall experience. If you find it on sale, you can have this mower for well under 500$, which is great, but before investing in it, make sure to check out similar mowers at this price range to have an idea of which one will be best for your needs.

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The YardForce Classic 500 is a good budget-friendly, entry-level robotic mower that maintains a well-kept yard. While it may not offer advanced features or premium materials, it certainly saves time and energy. 

If you are searching for a basic but efficient robotic lawn mower, the Yard Force 500 is a great alternative. Don’t expect miracles, but it provides consistent performance that keeps your yard neat, proving a valuable time-saving investment.

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